Sunday, April 29, 2007

i'm in yr guitar media, postin' on yr blogzzzz

long time no see
i'm just making a sneaky post here on the guitar media blog because last week gareth (you know, super dj robinson crucial) asked me if i could tell him some good australian bands, seeing as it's NZ music month and all. so i'm in sydney now and here's a couple of places that you can check some great australian music.

MESS+NOISE - a bi monthly magazine and website. they cover the best australian bands.

CYCLIC DEFROST - does international bands too, but heaps of interesting/experimental australian artists are on here.

MUSEUM FACE - my blog, or, the place where all the print articles i write go. plenty of good and bad australian bands getting put up here all the time

there's lots of good music coming out of australia at the moment but lots of shit stuff as well. what's happening in new zealand?

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