Tuesday, June 30, 2009

playlist june 30 yo

shea solo; richard holidaying on the beautiful west coast. drjinkin some lemon lime & orange soda

1. jackson 5. i want you back [z trip remixx]

2. smith westerns. dreams [smith westerns]
3. blank doggs. anywhere [bside slow room 7"]
4. teepee. s.s. france [s.s. france ep]

5. the beets. for you [spit in the face of people who don't want to be cool]
6. real estate. green river [bside fake blues 7"]
7. toro y moi. blessa [unreleased]

8. shahs. handreader [divine interest cd-r]
9. jonny telafone. when 2 became 1 [lysergic communion ep]
10. canterbury rams. laika [demo]

11. julianna barwick. you were waiting [daytrotter session may 22 09]
12. sky limousine. side b [wonder]
13. street beat. sooli [forthcoming tour cd-r]

14. high wolf. the boto [animal totem]
15. universal studios florida. sun glyphed comanche kissed [ocean birds]
16. lamborghini crystal. lightning strikes twice [alien microwave]

17. sun araw. hustle and bustle [heavy deeds]
18. matrix metals. ray ban meltdown [flamingo breeze]

20. hype williams x hounds of hate. untitled (excerpt) [dueces cassette]
21. mazes. a metric tower [mazes ep]

22. pearl harbour. lost at sea [calistonia demos]
23. ducktails. daily vacation [ducktails]
24. cold cave. life magazine [love comes close]

25. eat skull. double wasted [split 7" with ganglians]
26. lovvers. AXTXTXIXTXUXDXE [ocd go go go girls]
27. mayyors. deads [deads]
28. wilberforces. my mind is in my paws [ep]

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


1. richard youngs. collapsing stars [beyond the valley of ultrahits]
2. animal collective. daily routine (phaseone remix) [phaseone remix]
3. green widow. to where [green widow]

~*** THE TOP SONGS OF 2009 SO FAR ! ! ! ***~

4. night control. good looks [death control]
5. ariel pink's haunted graffiti. can't hear my eyes [7"]
6. ducktails. friends [ducktails]
7. blank dogs. tin birds [under and under]

8. best coast. sun was high (so was i) [demo]
9. a gal. diver [split with jeans wilder]
10. lotus plaza. sunday night [the floodlight collective]

11. animal collective. brothersport [merriweather post pavilion]
12. dirty projectors. stillness is the move [bitte orca]
13. cold cave. love comes close [etsel & ruby]

14. jeans wilder. tough guys [unreleased]
15. ilyas ahmed. exit twilight [goner]
16. kurt vile. beach on the moon [god is saying this to you]

17. twinsistermoon. bride of the spirits [7"]
18. julianna barwick. bode [florine]
19. grouper. rising height [7" split with pumice]

20. teengirl fantasy. floor to floor [TGIF EP]
21. city center. unfinished hex [s/t]

22. animal collective. my girls [merriweather post pavilion]
23. jeans wilder. mosquito [split with a gal]

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Wire Playlist June 19

1. Juliana Barwick. You Were Waiting [Daytrotter Session]
2. Spirit Spine. Orange Glow [Surfhunter EP]
3. New Yoga. Gold Trip [Unreleased]
4. Pearl Harbor. Vapor Girls [Unreleased]
5. Best Coast. Up All Night [Unreleased]
6. Smith Westerns. We Stay Out [Smith Westerns]
7. Blank Dogs. Slow Room [Slow Room 7"]
8. Animal Collective. Daily Routine (Phaseone Remix) [Unreleased]
9. Memory Tapes. Bicycle [Unreleased]
10. Pictureplane. New Mind (Teengirl Fantasy Edit) [Unreleased]

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

playlist for 16th of June 2009

richard does the show by himself. feels really hungry.

1. bob dylan. mr tambourine man [live at the royal albert hall 1966]

2. highlife. f kenya rip [s/t]
3. universal studios florida. frozen bayou [ocean sunbirds]
4. dog bite. center of the mountain [the yellow springs ep]

5. ganglians. lost words [monster head room]
6. ilyas ahmed. earn your blood. [goner]
7. palace brothers. long before [there is no-one what will take care of you]

8. woven bones. janie [needless ep]
9. nerve city. the creek [catholic school]
10. nodzzz. we are the only animals [i don't wanna smoke marijuana 7"]
11. smith westerns. be my girl [s/t]

12. sylvester anfang. the devil always shits in the same graves pt 1 [ii]
13. cougar flashy. peewees funhouse [demo]
14. peter jefferies. on an unknown beach [the last great challenge in a dull world]

15. cold cave. heaven was full [edsel and ruby]
16. toro y moi. sad sams [demo/unreleased]
17. xiu xiu. brooklyn dodgers [a promise]

18. wrugs. did [braided gas ep]
19. julianna barwick. cloudbank [florine ep]
20. ilyas ahmed. some of none [goner]

21. matrix metals. tanning salon [flamingo breeze]
22. fungi girls. lady myco purple [psilo demo]
23. nobunny. church mouse [love visions]
24. aids wolf. p'tit debile [pas rapport]
25. pink priest. a peach from hell [they died in their pool]
26. spirit spine. enchanted island [surfhunter ep]

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

june 09 09 playlist ! !

1. the clean. in the dream life you need a rubber soul [mister pop]

3. rollin hunt. pamphlet [criminal c/s]
4. circulatory system. overjoyed [signal morning]

5. flight. feels so good [feels so good 7"]
6. jeans wilder. cool breeze [split c20 with a gal]
7. family portrait. please be my baby [demo]

8. nobunny. i am a girlfriend [raw romance]
9. ganglians. cryin smoke [monster head room]
10. tiny vipers. dreamer [life on earth]

11. meth teeth. never been to church [forthcoming]
12. trudgers. catholic candles [silent western]
13. haunted fucking. wooden sword [sexbeat comp. 002]

14. the pink noise. buzzsaw [alpha]
15. natural numbers. sunrising [demo]
16. black pus. river that ran too far [black pus 0 - ultimate beat off]

17. norse horse. needle beach [demo]
18. memory cassette. last one awake (friend version) [call & response ep]
19. cold cave. love comes close [etsel and ruby 12"]

20. best coast. sun was high (so was i) [demo]
21. spirit spine. orange glow [surf hunter ep]
22. dirty beaches. o'farrell [bird ep]

23. burger kingdom. ivory pillows [demo]
24. pearl harbor. vapour girls [demo]
25. best coast. up all night [demo]

26. gross ghost. the architect [dunno]
27. nobunny. oh cody [raw romance]
28. michael jordan. eyes [demo]

Friday, June 05, 2009

The Wire Playlist June 5

1. Best Coast. Up All Night [Demo]
2. The Beets. For You [Spit in the Face of People Who Don't Want to be Cool]
3. Rolling Hunt. Criminal [Criminal CS]
4. YACHT. Psychic City [See Mystery Lights]
5. Memory Cassette. Last One Awake (Friend Version) [Call & Response EP]
6. Memory Cassette. Asleep at a Party [Call & Response EP]
7. Palm Trees. Whatever You Like [T.I. Cover]
8. Teengirl Fantasy. Floor to Floor [TGIF EP]
9. Yo La Tengo. Periodically Double or Triple [Popular Songs]
10. The Clean. In the Dreamlife You Need a Rubber Soul [Mister Pop]
11. The Ruby Suns. Don't Touch the Dusty Fruit [Unreleased]
12. Wilberforces. My Mind is in My Paws [7"?]

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

PLAYLIST june 2 2009

1. the ruby suns. don't touch the dusty fruit [new!]

2. pens. pig [forthcoming]
3. cause co-motion. because because because [because because because ep]
4. fungi girls. glare [psilo demo]

5. handglops. the first party [ronk ng rool]
6. mazes. bethseda [demo]
7. deerhunter. circulation [rainwater cassette exchange]

8. terminal island. cadmium yellow light [demo]
9. YACHT. psychic city [see mystery lights]
10. gary war. zontag [zontag 7"]

11. tndrnss. more fur [demo]
12. dirty beaches. untitled demo [forthcoming LP3]
13. blind man's colour. heavy cloud hustle [season dreaming]

14. turtle ambulance. roundabouts [demo]
15. lamborghini crystal. track 1, side a [1992 cool runnings]
16. repairs. yr eyes [s/t ep]

17. trudgers. freezing over [nothing perfect ever 7" bside]
18. cold cave. heavenly metals [cremations]
19. a gal. and all i could think of was you [jeans wilder cs ep]

20. best coast. in my room [demo]
21. rolling hunt. criminal [criminal ep]
22. pearl harbour. sunburn [demo]

23. sad city. agua [underwater peoples comp]
24. ariel pink's haunted graffiti. evolution's a lie [can't hear my eyes 7"]
25. animal collective. young prayer #2 [animal crackbox]

26. the beets. i think i might've built a horse [dunno]
27. lamborghini crystal. track 4, side b [1992 cool runnings]

28. thee oh sees. schwag rifles [the world's lousy with ideas vol 8]
29. pygmy shrews. catheter [big time]
30. happy burger. pizza all around [pizza all around 7"]
31. male bonding. pirate key [demo]