Tuesday, October 31, 2006

in magic we did believe. playlist oct 31

1. beach house. apple orchard (s/t)
2. evangelicals. the halloween song (demo)
3. love is all. turn the tv off (nine times the same song)
4. the gun club. jack on fire (fire of love)
5. royal trux. i'm ready (accelerator)

6. crayon fields. do it first (animal bells)
7. holy shit. written all over yr face (stranded at two harbours)
8. calvin johnson. rabbit blood (before the dream faded)
9. benoit pioulard. palimend (precis)
10. annuals. the bull and the goat (be he me)

11. grizzly bear. fix it (horn of plenty)
12. the shins. australia (wincing the night away)
13. rusty santos. nation (the heavens)
14. minisnap. lucky stars (demo)

15. ryan mcphun & the ruby suns. maasai mara (s/t)
16. these new puritans. chamber (demo)
17. psychic ills. january rain (dins)
18. beat happening. bewitched (jamboree)

19. isobel campbell. willow's song (milkwhite sheets)
20. woelv. chanson pour la nuit (pamplemoussi)
21. hold steady. stuck between stations (boys & girls in america)
22. woods. silence is golden (how to survive in the woods)

23. the fall. my new house (this nations saving grace)
24. white magic. childhood song (dat rosa mel apibus)
25. les georges leningrad. mammal beats (sangue puro)
26. the misfits. night of the living dead

Saturday, October 28, 2006

now you can listen to guitar media ANYWHERE in the WORLD

rdu 98.5fm will be streaming live on the internet from october 30th (this coming monday) which means ANYONE ANYWHERE in the world can now tune in. cool huh.
to listen go to http://www.rdu.org.nz/ and click LISTEN NOW!

here are some times for the show:

nz - 9pm tuesday
australia - around 6pm tuesday
uk - 8am tuesday
europe - around 10-11am
usa - um yr country's too big

check http://www.worldtimeserver.com/

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


1. bonnie prince billy. ignition [r. kelly] (live)
2. raincoats. lola [the kinks] (s/t)
3. of montreal. i felt like smashing my head through a clear glass window [yoko ono] (the bird who continues to eat the rabbit's flower)
4. belle & sebastian. here comes the sun [the beatles] (live)
5. boy least likely to. faith [george michael] (bside)

6. decemberists. bridges and balloons [joanna newsom] (believer comp)
7. grizzly bear. owner of a lonely heart [yes] (ep)
8. tv on the radio. mr grieves [pixies] (young liars ep)
9. the shivers. chelsea hotel #2 [leonard cohen] (charades)
10. beck. pink moon [nick drake] (bside)

11. rusty santos. girls just wanna have fun [cyndi lauper] (demo)
12. teenage fanclub. like a virgin [madonna] (ep)
13. final fantasy. peach plum pear [joanna newsom] (young canadian mothers)
14. iron & wine & calexico. wild horses [rolling stones] (live)

15. elliott smith. because [the beatles] (american beauty ost)
16. polyphonic spree. lithium [nirvana] (wait ep)
17. giant drag. god only knows [beach boys] (demo)

18. tralala. never understand [jesus & mary chain] (s/t)
19. galaxie 500. isn't it a pity [george harrison] (on fire)
20. suburban kids with biblical names. golden retriever [super furry animals] (live)
21. gillian welch. black star [radiohead] (live)
22. m. ward. let's dance [david bowie] (transfiguration of vincent)

23. jenny lewis. handle with care [travelling wilburys] (rabbit furcoat)
24. dinosaur jr. just like heaven [the cure] (ep)
25. holy shit. ashes to ashes [david bowie] (demo)
26. deerhoof. lose my breath [my bloody valentine] (free ep)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

we'll come back for indian summer

ok so here is some really exciting news! as those of you who live here will be aware, we haven't had a good international act this year since the mountain goats played in april (sorry, i don't like inxs) and thankfully the drought is soon to end!

on the 10th of november christchurch will be graced with indie legend calvin johnson, founder of k records, solo artist, and member of beat happening, the halo benders and heaps of other awesome stuff!!!
and as if this wasn't cool enough, he's also going to be playing with woelv - a female solo artist from canada (also signed to k records) who is married to mr. phil elverum from mount eerie/the microphones (could possibly be making an appearance?! maybe?!)!
they're going to be joined by lovely local indie pop group minisnap (a side project of the bats with kaye woodward on vocals)

so yeah it's all happening on the 10th of november which is a friday. the venue hasn't been finalised yet but it's going to be all ages so will be either at the penthouse in town or at zebedees.
this is going to be an amazing night so we hope to see you ALL THERE! stay tuned to the show/blog/myspace for more details - we'll also be giving away some tickets to the gig!

P.S. we are having a covers special this week! if you have any suggestions or requests email us guitarmedia@gmail.com or leave a comment.
P.P.S. on the 30th of october rdu 98.5 fm is getting a live internet stream so ANYONE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD will now be able to tune into guitar media! exciting, we know!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

playlist 17th october

1. skygreen leopards. disciples of california (disciples of california)
2. califone. spider's house (roots & crowns)
3. the weird weeds. tupper (weird feelings)
4. bishop allen. like castanets (september ep)

5. david thomas broughton. something in yr drine (tour ep)
6. dear nora. emily (there is no more)
7. broken social scene. 7/4 shoreline (s/t)
8. mestar. rosalie starfish (shut the squizwot factories down)

9. gay against you. telerad (muscle milk)
10. the winks. nolan ryan (birthday party)
11. nagisa ni te. anxiety (dream sounds)
12. they go boom!! woody allen (7" single)

13. pink floyd. the gnome (piper at the gates of dawn)
14. destroyer. breakin' the law (we'll build them a golden bridge)
15. little wings. be my baby (7" single)
16. peter and the wolf. the highway (lightness)
17. skygreen leopards. broken sparrow (sing the songs of linder bros)

18. marah. the closer (if you didn't laugh you'd cry)
19. iron & wine. woman king (woman king ep)
20. the drones. i don't ever want to change (gala mill)
21. jracula. carpopolis (demo)

22. badly drawn boy. welcome to the overground (born in the uk) - sort of?
23. the dirty projectors. fucked for life (new attitude ep)
24. jarvis. black magic (jarvis)
25. coughs. quagmire (secret passage)
26. the minutemen. it's expected i'm gone (double nickels on the dime)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

mixtape connection vol. 14 photos

thanks to all who came last night!
was cool cool cool. hope you enjoyed the night!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

this ain't no picnic. playlist oct 10

1. david thomas broughton. ambiguity (complete guide to insufficiency)
2. jeff tweedy. so much wine (butterfly) (live @ rocky mountain folk fest)
3. bob dylan. love minus zero/no limit (bringing it all back home)

4. evangelicals. another day (and yr still knocked out) (so gone)
5. mirah. pure (songs from the black mountain music project)
6. the winks. guitar swing (birthday party)
7. jeffrey & jack lewis. williamsburg will oldham horror (city & eastern songs)
8. the curtains. the thousandth face (calamity)

9. panda bear. bros (edit) (fat cat records sampler)
10. the blow. parentheses (paper television)
11. drakkar sauna. teach me yr legs (jabraham lincoln)
12. flowers from the man who shot yr cousin. happy things (hapless)

13. sean lennon. dead meat (friendly fire)
14. tv on the radio. tonight (return to cookie mountain)
15. silver jews. send in the clouds (american water)
16. math & physics club. cold as minnesota (s/t)

17. the robot ate me. bloody knife #1 (good world)
18. pere ubu. the fabulous sequel (new picnic time)
19. robert pollard. supernatural car lover (normal happiness)
20. lawrence arabia. business planning (s/t)

21. the jesus lizard. fly on the wall (down)
22. the jam. set the house ablaze (sound affects)
23. lightning bolt. captain caveman (hypermagic mountain)
24. death from above 1979. blood on our hands (yr a woman i'm a machine)
25. mc5. ramblin' rose (kick out the jams)

c u @ mixtape lololol!!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

mixtape connection - this friday!

ok so you should all be here on friday night

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myself, and three other awesome rdu djs (missy g from girl school, dr hitchcock from the mixtape sessions and indie slut from human pleasure at hourly rates) will be on the decks playing a wicked selection of fun and danceable indie tunez.

we're talking artists like: out hud, cansei de ser sexy, hot chip, the rapture, lcd soundsystem, !!!, mu, the human league, peter bjorn and john, the soft pink truth, the go! team, wizardzz, death from above 1979, of montreal, the cure, blondie, art brut, architecture in helsinki, talking heads, joy division, devo, new order, felix da housecat, forward russia, gang of four, the go! team, vitalic, arthur russell, ellen alien, you say party! we say die!, junior boys, tom vek ... and heaps more, obviously!

if yr poor mixtape is especially good as it costs nothing to get in, and if yr an rdunited member you get 20% off drinks!
also an extra added bonus - the first 50 rdunited members through the door get an awesome mix cd for free, made by me. it's 21 tracks and features artists such as:
liars, shaky hands, peter bjorn and john, the curtains, lawrence arabia, grizzly bear, beirut, guillemots and the mint chicks!

it's happening at capitol bar on hereford street, down the lane next to whitcoulls.

i think i'm on the decks first so try and get there around 9:30!

see you there!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

the big day out lineup is shit

ok so for some reason i was kind of vaguely optimistic that the big day out festival next year would be cool. after all, this year's was awesome (iggy and the stooges, go! team, sleater-kinney etc.) and they tend to have at least a few good bands each year (the flaming lips and wilco come to mind).
the 2007 festival, however, looks set to be the worst ever. i think perhaps the organisers received an anonymous tip-off that "people are really into seeing shit bands".
even with the knowledge that tool (possibly the worst band in the world) were headlining, i naively thought that the festival could be resurrected with 3 or 4 cool international acts. instead we are given muse, the killers, my chemical romance, aaaaaaaaand JET! (whose new album was summed up hilariously by pitchfork). what the hell? do the organisers not realise that all four of these bands are the biggest jokes in modern music? no respectable music fan or publication even takes them seriously. in fact, my chemical romance for instance, are so amazingly terrible that even talking about how bad they are is kind of void because it just goes without saying.
even if the second announcement is awesome (which, i think is safe to say, will not be) you will still have to occupy the same area as thousands of tool fans and resisiting the urge to smack each one in the face will inevitably be a hard task.
big day out 2007 is lame. go to camp a low hum instead.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

sand is overrated it's just tiny rocks. playlist oct 3

1. enon. count sheep (high society)
2. trail of dead. gold heart mountain (so divided)
3. nina nastasia. treehouse song (on leaving)
4. sparklehorse. don't take my sunshine away (dreamt...)
5. donovan. mr wind (hms donovan)

6. peter bjorn & john. up against the wall (writer's block)
7. hidden cameras. awoo (awoo)
8. math & physics club. darling please come home (s/t)
9. broadcast. where youth & laughter go (future crayon)
10. sunset rubdown. us ones inbetween (shutup i'm dreaming)

11. wooden wand & the skyhigh band. bleeder (2nd attention)
12. a hawk & a hacksaw. god bless the ottoman empire (way the wind blows)
13. beirut. elephant gun (lon gisland ep)

14. pull tiger tail. animator (demo)
15. david bowie. sound and vision (low)
16. dananananakroyd. greater than symbol (demo)
17. ooioo. uma (taiga)
18. these new puritans. chamber (demo)

19. scott walker. cossacks are (the drift)
20. andrew bird. measuring cups (fingerlings 3)
21. white rainbow. guilded golden ladies (zome)
22. flotation toy warning. happy 13 (bluffer's guide to the flightdeck)

23. big black. passing complexion (atomizer)
24. coolies. holiday/vacation (demo)
25. sailboats are white. congratulations on the goddamn cherries (turbo!)
26. husker du. turn on the news (zen arcade)
27. guitar wolf. kung fu ramone (jet generation)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

new herman dune video!

Tweeist video of the year!

Short post!