Friday, April 28, 2006

george bush doesn't care about indie kids

hey all
thought i'd share with you a cool band that i came across on one of my regular internet trawls. they're called the most valuable players, and they're a four-piece from sweden. they're not really that guitar-based so probably won't hear them on the show (although i have played them once before i think) but that doesn't mean they're not cool, eh?
so anyway, they've recently released their debut album on a small record label called friendly noise, and it's called you in honey. it's a pretty nice album, and the label has put up FOUR mp3s for everyone to test-out.

their bio lists their influences as being "Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, Italo Calvino, Olivia Tremor Control, Robert Wyatt, New Order, Active Suspension", but i also think a lot the tracks are similar to some on architecture in helsinki's debut album, fingers crossed.

my favourite from the bunch would have to be this track
the most valuable players - stockholm doesn't belong to me
but they're all pretty cool:
the most valuable players - AC in HCMC
the most valuable players - guess my name
the most valuable players - snow in may

as an aside - jens lekman is a big fan!

also any of you that are (or are thinking of) going to the a low hum show/s tonight, note that it is not at creation anymore, and is now at the wunderbar in lyttleton.

also the next mixtape connection is happening very soon, friday may 5th in fact.
all the usual stuff is going down - drinks specials, free mix cd for first 50 rdunited members and a special guest dj - lady a from rdu drive! also it's free this time so no excuse for not getting down there!

will leave you with a couple of cool games, courtesy of british two-piece the boy least likely to.
they've put up some a few time-wasting games on their website.

furball pong (table-tennis)
monsters pacman (pacman, but featuring their own cartoon characters)

there's also pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey but it's pretty lame.

so i hope you've enjoyed this update.

tunein on tuesday!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

everytime you close yr eyes (playlist 25/04)

1. akron/family - dylan pt. 2 (angels of light)
2. the feelies - paint it black (crazy rhythms)
3. straitjacket fits - all that that brings (hail)
4. augie march - thin captain crackers (moo you bloody choir)
5. ryan adams - to be young is to be sad (heartbreaker)
6. sparklehorse - piano fire (it's a wonderful life)
7. rolling stones - can't you hear me knocking (sticky fingers)
8. sonic youth - rats (rather ripped)
9. twilight singers - decatur street (blackberry belle)
10. sunset rubdown - swimming (shutup i am dreaming)
11. steppenwolf - the pusher (easy ride)
12. yo la tengo - raw power (yo la tengo is murdering the classics)
13. shihad - gimmie gimmie (killjoy)
14. the sproutts - i have a telephone number (demo)
15. the clean - anything can happen (boodleboodleboodle ep)
16. camera obscura - lloyd i'm ready to be heartbroken (single)
17. tim rogers -
18. patti smith - my generation (horses)
19. neil young - cinnamon girl (decade)
20. my morning jacket - mahgeetah (it still moves)
21. jeff buckley - grace (grace)
22. the arcade fire - rebellion (lies) (live) (white session)
23. the verlaines - pyromaniac (juvenilia)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

this is the end, my only friend. the end.

hey all.

just to confirm that i will be moving on from the show soon so only 3 or 4 more shows left on my watch. don't forget to tune in as i play some of my personal faves over the coming weeks and look forward to shea indie jr taking the show to the next level.

hope you've enjoyed the sound of my tunes and voice for the past 2 or so years... and if not rejoice because this is the end. for me at least.

timmy dodgers.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

play lizst.

1. mission of burma. spider's web. the obliterati.
2. built to spill. wherever you go. you in reverse.
3. the black keys. keep your hands off her. chulahoma.
4. rolling stones. rip this joint. exile on main street.
5. raconteurs. hands. broken boy soldiers.
6. grandaddy. jeez louise. the fambly cat.
7. deerhoof. panda panda panda. apple o.
8. adam green. choke on a cock. gemstones.
9. sonic youth. the neutral. rather ripped.
10. loose fur. stupid as thh sun. born again in the usa.
11. animal collective. winter's love. sung tongs.
12. spiritualized. home of the brave. ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space.
13. six organs of admittance. the desert is a circle. the sun awakens
14. destroyer. priest's knees. rubies.
15. morrissey. i'll never be anyone's hero now. ringleader of tormentors
16. tv on the radio. snakes and martyrs. return to cookie mountain.
17. asobi seksu. sooner. s/t.
18. isobel campbell & mark lanegan. honey child what can i do? ballad of broken seas.
19. tilly and the wolf. brave day. bottoms of barrels.
20. okkervil river. no key, no plan. black sheep boy appendix ep.
21. dinosaur jr. repulsion. dinosaur.
22. queens of the stone age. tangled up in plaid. lullabies to paralyse.
23. forward russia. 12. give me a wall.
24. sebadoh. the freed pig. iii.
25. iron & wine. freedom hangs like heaven. woman king ep.
26. bob dylan. a hard rain's gonna fall. freewheelin'...
27. parts & labor. drastic measures. stay afraid.

Monday, April 17, 2006

do you believe in rapture?

hey all,

just a quick note to inform you of the upcoming a low hum tour
it's hitting chch on friday the 28th, there is an all ages show from 6-9 and r18 after 10. i've never been to one of these but they're apparently pretty good. i'm thinking i might go to the all ages one but am not sure i want to hang with the teen scene ... does anyone know what all ages gigs are like, anyway?

ok so the three bands playing are the reduction agents, the undercurrents and over the atlantic

click on the bandnames to head over to their myspace pages where you can listen to some choonz. they all sound pretty good, am particularly keen on the reduction agents track "the pool" which has been getting a bit of airplay on rdu.
got some cool stuff to play tomorrow night including THE NEW SONIC YOUTH!! (oooohh!)
you know you've gotta tune in now.

- shea

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

fuck you heroes.

1. rolling stones. gimme shelter. let it bleed.
2. raconteurs. blue veins. broken boy soldiers.
3. pink mountaintops. plastic man, yr the devil. axis of evol.
4. sunset rubdown. stadiums and shrines II. shut up i am dreaming.
5. jenny lewis, handle with care. rabbit fur coat.
6. crayon fields. helicopter. 3" single.
7. two gallants. las cruces jail. whatthe toll tells.
8. augie march. just passing through. moo you bloody choir.
9. tv on the radio. dirty whirlwind. return to cookie mountain.
10. m.ward. vincent o'brien. transfiguration of vincent.
11. band of horses. the great salt lake. everything all the time.
12. situationists. lost my narrative. myspace demo....
13. buck 65. devil's eyes. secret house against the world.
14. sufjan stevens. the avalanche. avalanche (illinois extras)
15. richmond fontaine. montgomery park. post to wire.
16. the most valuable players. stockholm doesn't belong to me. you in honey.
17. tanakh. grey breathes. ardent fevers.
18. shearwater. sing little birdie. palo santo.
19. tapes'n'tapes. buckle. the loon.
20. cat!cat!cat!. cat!cat!cat!. s/t ep.
21. the meteors. radioactive kid. single minded compilation (surf/rocka-psycho-billy)
22. yo la tengo. autumn sweater. i can hear the heart beating as one.
23. jeff buckley. dream brother. grace. MOJO #1 REPRAZENT!!11!!
24. be your own pet. bicycle bicycle, you are my bicycle. s/t

I Am Gonna Make It Through This Year, If It Kills Me - The Mountain Goats Live @ Creation, Saturday April 8th

After months of anticipation, acclaimed guitar two-piece The Mountain Goats finally graced our fair city last Saturday night.

After a blistering set from Dunedin alt-country legends The Renderers (featuring Maryrose Crook), singer and guitarist John Darnielle made his way through the fairly crowded Creation venue and took his place on stage. With him was the second half of the Mountain Goats, Peter Hughes, donned in some very smart argyle trousers.

Darnielle made a very humble frontman; he was incredibly humorous and awfully self-deprecating. Before each song he would tell the audience the story behind it, these stories ranged from staying at dodgy motels with bulletproof reception windows, to his childhood love-affair with professional wrestling. “Can I tell you a little bit about this song? I promise I won’t ramble for too long”.

Despite “running on four hours sleep”, the pair performed with much energy and enthusiasm. The sound was perfect (however I was standing at the very front by the speakers, so I could be wrong) and unlike the Bonnie “Prince” Billy gig, was not overbearingly hot.
It really was a night of contrast; at times they played their guitars like they were stadium-rock superstars, and at others with delicacy and poise. Similarly, Darnielle recounted memories of his troubled past with a fiery intensity; his eyes enlarged looking almost half-crazed. Then on the flipside, slow and plaintive ballads were at times barely louder than a whisper.
For the entire night the audience stayed completely transfixed by the performance which was all at once rousing, cathartic, witty and very enjoyable.

The pair performed a smattering of songs from Darnielle’s ridiculously prolific catalogue, however much of the night was made up of tracks from the 2005 LP The Sunset Tree. They opened with “Love Love Love” and also performed “You or Your Memory”, a bouncy “Dance Music”, “Your Belgian Things” (from We Shall All Be Healed) and “Lion’s Teeth” which I thought sounded slightly sparse without the violin (however this was my only complaint of the night, and it wasn’t really a big deal!) We were also treated with two tracks from the forthcoming Babylon Springs EP both of which were fantastic (unfortunately I missed out on buying a copy after the show).

The standouts of the night came at the very end; “This Year” was incredibly powerful and was probably the most familiar song for the audience so thus received the biggest applause.
Then came the encore which was a spellbinding rendition of “California Song” from the Sweden LP. During this Hughes took a seat and played a solo bass riff while John Darnielle sang in the most hushed voice “I’ve got joy, joy, joy in my soul tonight”. The most intense silence hung over the audience before Darnielle left the mic, bowed and walked through the stage to the exit. It was the perfect end to a marvellous performance.

Once again, thanks must go to Mystery Girl (who is she, anyway?) for bringing yet another superb musical act to our starved city.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

thom yorke as philosopher - from the NME... - and You Am I prep new album

Radiohead call music industry 'fucking retards'

Radiohead's Thom Yorke calls the music industry "a bunch of fucking retards" in this week's issue of NME.

The singer has launched a scathing attack on record companies and radio stations as he believes they are only just now looking at the internet for new talent.

Speaking about Arctic Monkey's rise to fame, Yorke said: "A good thing for new music would be more of the mainstream loosening up a bit and letting stuff through. Radio 1 won't play anything fucking decent. You need to sort the radio out."

He added: "The fact that poor Arctic Monkeys are getting so much attention is purely based on the fact that the mainstream music business is such a bunch of fucking retards as far as I'm concerned."


Hahahaha. Thom tells it like it is and maybe there is actually a reason to at least read NME this week (but I wouldn't waste my $$$ on it). Also of note in this week's nme is a bunch of info about their "terrifying" new album. Check out for more details about that!


Speaking of new albums You Am I are streaming their explosive new song online - It Ain't Funny How We Don't Talk Anymore - and preparing for a new album release - alright! They have been one of my faves for over a decade and each new album is something to treasure.

With a fresh deal from EMI Mr Tim Rogers & Co seem ready to rock all night long, and of course Gat Mediah will be bringing it to you like fed ex - always on time!

Love to your mama,
Timmy Dodgers

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

everybody talks so fast and walks so slow... playlist 4 april

1. sebadoh, the freed pig (III)
2. cat! cat! cat!, crushed (by the cute boy) (s/t e.p. - aotearoa stylez)
3. band of horses, wicked gil (everything all the time)
4. sunset rubdown, snake's got a leg III (shutup i am dreaming)
5. ester drang, everyone is a victim (rocinate)
6. starlight mints, what's inside of me (drowaton)
7. josh rouse, la costa blanca (subtitulo)
8. augie march, mother greer (moo you bloody choir)

9. Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton (All Hail West Texas)
10. Lion's Teeth (Sunset Tree)
11. Fall of the Star High School Running Back (All Hail West Texas)
12. Love Love Love (Sunset Tree)
13. First Few Desparate Hours (Tallahasse)

14. essex green, sin city (cannibal sea)
15. loose fur, thou shalt wilt (born again in the usa)
16. island, don't call me whitney bobby (return to the sea)
17. the drones, another rousing chorus you idiots! (wait long by the river and the bodies of your enemies float by)
18. whipping cats, dog faced boy (demo)
19. two gallants, 16th st. dozens (what the toll tells)
20. minus five, aw shit man (the gun album)
21. richmond fontaine, always on the ride (post to wire)
22. crooked fingers, twilight creeps (dignity & shame)
23. tim rogers & temperance union, paperboy (ghost songs)
24. tv on the radio, province (return to cookie mountain)
25. jesus lizard, monkey trick
26. black mountain, don't run our hearts around (black mountain)

Thanks y'all,

Timmy Dodgers & Shea I-J

Saturday, April 01, 2006

shut up i am dreaming of a place where lovers have wings

hey all.

it's saturday night and i find myself at home writing an essay. alas.

i hope you all enjoyed the 90s special on tuesday, i for one had a great time. rediscovering the genius of ash's "girl from mars" would have to be a highlight.
we're thinking there will have to be a part two sometime in the future, in the meantime you can make some suggestions for other specialty shows and send them to us if you like.

thought it's about time for an MP3 update so here goes!

rocketship are a fairly obscure indie pop band from the 90s, who released one mini album a certain smile, a certain sadness back in 1996 and haven't really been seen since. until now ...
the band have a brand cd(-r), here comes ... rocketship being released on the non-stop cooperative sehr soon.
the album is full of dreamy electronica, glitches and sugary pop. parts remind me of max tundra's mastered by guy at the exchange

rocketship - no more tomorrows
rocketship - our new track

hemstad are a swedish band who've been together for a few years, and have finally released an album - out now on catbird records.
these guys are really cool - a mix between the go! team and architecture in helsinki

hemstad - fyllekärring

danielson (aka danielson famile) is about to release a new record on sounds familyre/secretly canadian. the album's called ships and daniel has a number of well-known musicians/bands contributing on the album, including deerhoof, sufjan, why?, and serena-maneesh.
check out a brand new track from ships

danielson - did i step on your trumpet

here's a new mp3 from a band called ladyhawk, who recently signed to tim's favourite - jagjaguwarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrecords

ladyhawk - the dugout

finally shearwater. these guys are on misra records and feature members of okkervil river. their new album palo santo will be released later this year

shearwater - seventy-four, seventy-five
shearwater - palo santo (demo)

incase you haven't heard us raving about or you haven't seen the posters or you haven't heard the ads -- the mountain goats are playing this time next week! it's gonna be totally sweet, so go tell all yr cool indie friends and head down to ticketek/real groovy and get some tickets - they're only $30!!!!!!! (OMGZ!)

finally, although it isn't guitar related, the forthcoming album from gnarls barkley is going to be pretty big methinks. check out this hilarious promo pic that was up on their website: