Tuesday, November 20, 2007

i flirted with a girl in sign language. playlist nov 20

1. lou reed. safety zone [nanking]

2. jens lekman. you can call me al [live]
3. french quarter. stay [s/t]
4. gravenhurst. grand union canal [the western lands]

5. fiery furnaces. ex guru [widow city]
6. cats and cats and cats. brilliant the brilli ant [split ep]
7. the puddle. no sequels [no love no hate]

8. magazine. shot by both sides [real life]
9. public image ltd. attack [first issue]
10. manishevitz. dead birds [east to east]

11. richard youngs. low bay of sky [autumnal response]
12. tenniscoats. baibaba bimba [tan-tan therapy]
13. bonnie prince billy. am i demon [ask forgiveness]

14. ariel pink's haunted graffiti. nana [underground]
15. okay. truce [huggable dust]
16. animal collective. from a beach [live on bbc]

17. thanksgiving. home alone [welcome nowhere + extras]
18. feu therese. la nuit est une femme [ca va cogner]
19. kemialliset ystavat. himmeli kutsuu minua [s/t]

20. the tough alliance. the last dance [a new chance]
21. curtains. show me the way things work [worried noodles]
22. sambassadeur. the park [migration]

23. shugo tokumaru. green rain [exit]
24. shooting spires. quarantine [s/t]
25. white mice. dieabeasttitty [whatevs]

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