Tuesday, October 28, 2008

vhs dreamz. playlist october 28

1. dept of eagles. what is yr deal [daytrotter session]
2. dear nora. lake [demo]

3. dent may & his magnificent ukelele. meet me in the garden [good feeling music of dent may]
4. girls. lust for me [girls]
5. deerhunter. focus group [weird era cont.]

6. pvc street group. cutlass [demo]
7. the homosexuals. slow guns [love guns?]
8. nice face. thing in my head [thing in my head 7"]

9. city center. unfinished hex [demo]
10. rusty santos. moving time [the heavens]
11. juliana barwick. dancing with friends [sanguine]

12. dreams in mirror field. untitled a [dreams in mirror field]
13. arthur russell. big moon [love is overtaking me]
14. beaches. sandy [beaches]

15. cloudland canyon. harvest hunt [split with mythical beast]
16. no age. brain burner [nouns]
17. us girls. prove it all night [introducing]

18. asobi seksu. breathe into glass [me & mary bside]
19. deerhunter. vox celeste [weird era cont]
20. eric copeland. alien in a garbage dump [alien in a garbage dump 12" ep]

21. bonnie prince billy & little boy blue. little boy blue ii [little lost blues]
22. songs: ohia. the old black hen [magnolia electric co]
23. songs of green pheasant. the wormwood star falls [free demo ep]

24. salem. asia [fuckt demos]
25. flying saucer attack. soaring high [distance]
26. high places. gold coin [high places]

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Wire Playlist October 24

1. Buttonhead. Robocop Sunset [Demo]
2. Blackout Beach. Cloud of Evil [Skin of Evil]
3. A Grave With No Name. And We Parted Ways at Mount Jade [Demo]
4. Madlib. Dillalade Ride (Contact High) [Beat Konducta Vol. 6]
5. Reefer. Let it Go (Flying Lotus Remix) [Reefer]
6. Salem. Asia [Fuckt]
7. Asobi Seksu. Me & Mary [Me & Mary 7"]
8. Pallers. Humdrum [Forthcoming EP]
9. Beaches. Sandy [Beaches]
10. Mika Miko. Bastard in Love [Sex Jazz B-Side]
11. Harlem. Witch Greens [Free Drugs;-)]
12. Capstan Shafts. Song of Monometallists [Fixation Protocols]
13. Dent May. Meet Me in the Garden [The Good Feeling Music of Dent May]
14. Cut Off Your Hands. You And I [Cut Off Your Hands EP]

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

robocop sunset. playlist october 21

1. arthur russell. i couldn't say it to yr face [love is overtaking me]

2. that ghost. open windows [young fridays]
3. christmas island. morning sunshine [demo]
4. cloud control. death cloud [7"]

5. headless heroes. just like honey [the silence of love]
6. reefer. may baleen [reefer]
7. blackout beach. cloud of evil [skin of evil]

8. holy shit. i don't need enemies [stranded at two harbours]
9. japanther. the dirge [tut tut now shake ya butt]
10. henry's dress. target practice [bust'em green]

11. gift machine. borrowed time and water [demo]
12. nite jewel. artifical intelligence [demo]
13. donovan. a sunny day [hurdy gurdy man lp]

14. mika miko. sex jazz [sex jazz 7"]
15. mount pleasant. best friends [three songs]
16. wavves. beach demon [wavvves]

17. arthur russell. eli [love is overtaking me]
18. magik markers. the place where what has been taken is returned [gucci rapidshare download]
19. mud pie sun. worrisummer [worrisummer 7"]

20. catatonic youth. freedom vanilla [piss scene]
21. atlas sound. maybe logic [virtual 7"]
22. foot village. 420 (nation of holidays) [split 12" with black pus]

23. bird names. nazi beach party [something]
24. telepathe. i can't stand it [dance mother]
25. fabulous diamonds. lp 1 [fabulous diamonds]
26. black pus. floatzilla [split 12" with foot village]

27. unwound. everything is weird [bside]
28. ima fucking gymnist. we're professionals [...so freakin juicy]

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

beach goth. playlist october 14

1. pit er pat. evacuation dig [high times]

2. holy shit. rough & tumble [single]
3. corpsekisser. emotional [demo]
4. agaskodo teliverek. kamikaze curry bun [psycho goulash]

5. viking moses. jones boys [the parts that show]
6. fungi girls. lady myco purple [demo]
7. velvet underground. white light/white heat [white light/white heat]

8. the lucksmiths. pines [first frost]
9. alastair galbraith. money is so sad [demo]
10. real estate. black lake [single]
11. voice of the seven woods. 3am home [the journey]

12. coconot. ibiza [cosa astral]
13. bonnie prince billy & marquis de tren. 21/5 [get on jolly]
14. girls. hellhole ratrace [girls]

15. simon joyner. veteran's hospital song [beautiful losers]
16. capstan shafts. middle of june [fixation protocols]
17. silver jews. pan american blues [starlight walker]

18. blank dogs. blaring speeches [on two sides]
19. zola jesus. soeur sewer [single]
20. wavves. side yr on [wavves]

21. kemialliset ystavat. tassa maassa kun nain makailen [split series 19]
22. sharpie crows. i'll haunt you [demo]
23. heavy hands. she got it [smoke signals]

24. telepathe. standing in yr line [beat mother]
25. firemen. nothing too much just out of sight [electric arguments]
26. viking moses. sole command of the day [the parts that show]

27. tall dwarfs. baby it's over [something]

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Wire Playlist 10 October

1. Mean Street. Yr Philosophy [Demo]
2. Get Back Guinozzi!. Carpet Madness [Demo]
3. Coconot. Verbena De Los Delfines [Cosa Astral]
4. Weird Tapes. TV Romance [Demo]
5. The Notwist. Boneless (Panda Bear Remix) [Single]
6. Deerhoof. Chandelier Searchlight [Offend Maggie]
7. Agaskodo Teliverek. Kamikaze Curry Bun [Psycho Goulash]
8. Telepathe. Standing in Yr Line [Beat Mother]
9. Reefer. May Baleen [Reefer]
10. Holy Shit. Rough & Tumble [Forthcoming]

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

let's rock the beach. playlist 7th october

1. diamonds. the waking [rough cuts]

2. dead luke. jumping jack flash [record two]
3. over the atlantic. loveless devotion [dimension]
4. fight bite. swissexlover [demo]

5. deerhunter. twilight at carbon lake [microcastle]
6. little claw. the empty mirror [vol 6]
7. wings. let me roll it [band on the run]

8. the sleaze. smokin' fuckin' cigs [smokin' fuckin' cigs 7"]
9. beat happening. crashing through [jamboree]
10. mayyors. airplanes [megan's lolz 7"]
11. darker my love. pale sun [2]

12. telepathe. god is watching [beat mother]
13. weird tapes. tv romance [nightstalking]
14. coconot. el final del sonido tropical [cosa astral]

15. muons. spaceman [jewelled antler library]
16. babe terror. nasa goodbye [babe terror ep]
17. thanksgiving. welcome [welcome nowhere]
18. surf city. kudos [demo]

19. woods. from the horn [from the horn]
20. internet forever. 3d [demo]
21. the splinters. splintered bridges [oh splinters]
22. pens. hate yr calendar [demo]

23. world's end girlfriend. wonderland falling tomorrow [dreams end come true]
24. wavves. wavves [wavvves]
25. abe vigoda. casual night [sky route/star roof]
26. mean street. philosophy [demo]

27. mount pleasant. waking waiting [mount pleasant ep]

Friday, October 03, 2008

The Wire Playlist 3 October

1. Times New Viking. Pagan Eyes [Stay Awake EP]
2. Blank Dogs. Setting Yr House on Fire [7" Single]
3. Crystal Stilts. The Dazzled [Alight of Night]
4. Clear Tigers. Igloo [Brutal]
5. Born Ruffians. Red, Yellow & Blue (White Williams Remix) [Garcon]
6. Nite Jewel. What Did He Say [Demo]
7. Coconot. Conservad el Rayo [Cosa Astral]
8. High Places. Namer [High Places]
9. Gang Gang Dance. First Communion [Saint Dymphna]
10. Passion Pit. Cuddle Puddle [Chunk of Change EP]
11. Wavves. Wavves [Wavvves]
12. Ima Fucking Gymnist. We're Professionals [... So Juicy]