Tuesday, May 29, 2007

simon barnett is a creep. playlist may 28

1. his name is alive. in my dream (detrola)
2. cut off yr hands. still fond (blue on blue)
3. brightblack morning light. friend of time (s/t)
4. golden smog. starman (blood on the slacks)

5. little wings. little bird (grow)
6. department of eagles. no one does it like you (gold suits demo)
7. chas mtn. cinematic, unbearable (hugs)
8. another sunny day. anorak city (london weekend)
9. beirut. elephant gun (lon gisland ep)


10. frase & bri. 8hr crush (single)

11. mi & l'au. they marry (s/t)
12. woodpigeon. a hymn for 2 walks in different cities (songbook)
13. new order. blue monday (brotherhood)

14. psychic ills. january rain (dins)
15. videohippos. rider (unbeast the leash)
16. royal trux. i'm ready (accelerator)
17. les savy fav. meet me in the dollar bin (inches)
18. holy shit. written all over yr face (stranded at two harbours)
19. the motifs. races (s/t)
20. over the atlantic. glass breaks (junica)

21. the sproutts. ogre song (flying out of the washing machine)
22. yoko ono. walking on thing ice (yes i'm a witch)
23. phoenix foundation. slightest shift in the weather (pegasus)
24. pink mountaintops. cold criminals (axis of evol)
25. rand and holland. it's alright (caravans)
26. deerhunter. spring hall convert (cryptograms)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

whoa oh oh. playlist 22 may 2007

1. elliott smith. fair city (new moon)
2. the brunettes. her herigami set (single)
3. animal collective. peacebone (live) (strawberry jam)
4. slaraffenland. polaroids (private cinema)
5. spoon. don't make me a target (gagagagaga)
6. electrelane. those pockets are people (axes)
7. the flies. walking on the sand (single)

8. liquid liquid. cavern (liquid liquid)
9. barr. the song is the single (summary)
10. snowpony. crumpled 10 (sea shanties for spaceships)
11. the swirlies. the vehicle is invisible (they spent their...)

12. arthur & yu. lion's mouth (in camera)
13. the national. apartment story (boxer)
14. the go! team. grip like a vice (single)
15. the aum rifle. why don't you come inside (a peel of bells)
16. david kilgour. bbc world (the far now)

17. television personalities. my dark places (my dark places)
18. these new puritans. navigate navigate (dior homme show/12")
19. the fall. the past gone mad (the infotainment scan)

20. paul duncan. red eagle (above the trees)
21. blackout beach. claxxons lament (single)
22. my disco! always measure wait (cancer)
23. xbxrx. sheets and organs (wars)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

if i was a horse i would throw up the reins. playlist may 15

1. colleen. sun against my eyes (les ondes silencieuses)
2. popolice. middle ground (middle ground ep)
3. pj harvey. rid of me (four track demos)
4. video hippos. tooth sub (unbeast the leash)
5. man or astroman. reverb 10000 (destroy all astromen)

6. teenage symphony. lucky (demo)
7. the blow. knowing the things i know (poor aim: love songs)
8. frase+bri. shoegazer sweat (live at the dux de lux)
9. suicide. cheree (s/t)
10. the mendoza line. aspect of an old maid (30 year low outtake)

11. the nudie suits. (dancing like a) huxtable (songbook)
12 . woodpigeon. take the hint kid (songbook)
13. jana hunter. sleep (theres no home)
14. yacht. i believe in you (i believe in you. yr magic is real)

15. dan deacon. crystal cat (spiderman of the rings)
16. early songs. long distance learning (wind wound)
17. david thomas broughton. nature (it's in there somewhere)
18. alps. LGOMWOCT (alps of new south wales)

19. bob dylan. ballad of the free man (bootleg series 1966)
20. santa dads. the lion song (amina mundi)
21. pumice. sunshine on leitch (demo)

22. frog eyes. bushels (tears of the valecdictorian)
23. skeletons & the kings of all cities. what they said (lucas)
24. liars. we got cold coughed & forgot things (we no longer knew who we were ep)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

i'll try my best to catch up with you. playlist may 8

1. peter & the wolf. fireflies (fireflies)
2. dudley benson. it's akaroa's fault (nurimix) (awesome feeling comp. free with real groove mag)
3. islaja. pete p (ullal yyy)
4. electrelane. cut and run (no shouts no calls)

5. page france. the ruby ring man (... and the family telephone)
6. cats on fire. higher grounds (the province complains)
7. abe vigoda. world map forever (sky route (star roof))
8. thought creature. yr telepathy (awesome feeling comp.)
9 dungen. sa blev det bestamt (tio bitar)

10. aria c jalali. bohemia (with a sea) (postmodernism ep)
11. thee, stranded horse. tainted days (churning strides)
12. department of eagles. balmy night (new demo)
13. horse feathers. finch on saturday (words are dead)

14. ladybug transistor. always on the telephone (can't wait another day)
15. priestbird. life not lost (in your time)
16. the gladeyes. damien & monika party at yrs (awesome feeling comp.)
17. grouper. cover the windows & the walls (cover the windows & the walls)

18. handsome furs. handsome furs hate this city (plague park)
19. phosphorescent. joe tex the taming blues (aw come aw wry)
20. neutral milk hotel. in the aeroplane over the sea (in the aeroplane over the sea)

21. throwing muses. the river (house tornado)
22. pterodactyl. astros (blue jay)
23. parts & labor. new crimes (mapmaker)
24. so so modern. skeleton dance (awesome feeling comp.)
25. not so experimental. resist! unlearn! defy! (awesome feeling comp.)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

and then you smiled for a second. SHOEGAZE SPECIAL

1. catherine wheel. i want to touch you (ferment)
2. yo la tengo. cherry chapstick (and then nothing turned itself inside out)
3. my bloody valentine. strawberry wine (strawberry wine ep)
4. the lassie foundation. crown of the sea (pacifico)

5. the shocking pinks. you can make feel bad (sway cd-r release)
6. radio dept. it's been eight years (lesser matters)
7. boo radleys. spaniard (everything's alright forever)
8. beach house. saltwater (s/t)
9. jesus & mary chain. darklands (darklands)

10. daylight's for the birds. flicker (trouble everywhere)
11. cocteau twins. heaven of las vegas (heaven or las vegas)
12. a sunny day in glasgow. 5:15 train (scriblle mural comic journal)

13. chapterhouse. pearl (whirlpool)
14. slowdive. souvlaki space station (souvlaki)
15. ride. kaleidoscope (nowhere)
16. shocking pinks. secondhand girl (infinity land)
17. galaxie 500. snowstorm (on fire)

18. rocketship. honey, i need you (honey, i need you 7")
19. spacemen 3. walking with jesus (sound of confusion)
20. most serene public. the protagonist suddenly realizes what he must do in the middle of downtown traffic (underwater cinematographer)
21. lush. sweetness & light (gala)

22. my bloody valentine. i only said (loveless)
23. pale saints. sight of you (barging into the presence of god)
24. jesus & mary chain. just like honey (psychocandy)