Tuesday, September 25, 2007

minimal shit drumming; totally where it's at. playlist sept 25

1. luna. bonne & clyde [penthouse]

2. celebration. evergreen [the modern tribe]
3. little wings. saturday [soft pow'r]
4. tenniscoats. donna donna [totemo aimasho]

5. final fantasy. this lamb sells condos [he poos clouds]
6. beirut. nantes [the flying club cup]
7. alastair galbraith. this hard [mirrorwork]

8. surf city. dickshakers union [s/t ep]
9. tyondai braxton. hold onto distance [history that has no effect]
10. gang gang dance. nicoman [rawwar ep]

11. ariel pink's haunted graffiti. she's my girl [loverboy]
12. bearsuit. steven fucking spielberg [oh:io]
13. dan deacon. totally boner eat shit [crystal cat b-side]

14. mogwai. yes! i am a long way from home [young team]
15. slint. glenn [tweez]

16. bonjour monsoon. robot vampires from the sun [r.v. ep]
17. boris. pink [pink]
18. eyeless in gaza. john of patmos [photographs as memories]
19. shadow ring. city lights [city lights]

20. black kids. i'm not gonna teach you [wizard of ahhhs demo]
21. prinzhorn dance school. realer, pretender [s/t]
22. Aa. good ship [gAame]
23. the count five. psychotic reaction [dunno eh]

24. sightings. debt depths [through the panama]
25. hella. post-ivy league depression [total bugs bunny on wild bass]
26. disasteradio. awesome feeling [visions]


Michael said...

To guitar media,

I need a flat. I'm very shy. I like indiepop. I study librarianship and will work too. I'm moving from Palmerston nth like next week. Your show looks really great.

the.palm.springs at gmail.com

shea said...

umm so yr moving to christchurch, and need a flat? don't think i know anybody with a spare room at the moment... uh you could try the accomodation guide on the rdu website: www.rdu.org.nz/guides.html

hope that helps!