Tuesday, November 28, 2006

sweet trax. playlist 28 nov

1. tam. one thousand watts (s/t)
2. that's him! that's the guy! these days (help me i'm on fire)
3. boyracer. the others way (happenstance)
4. 14 iced bears. balloon song (in the beginning)

5. harvey milk. once in a while (special wishes)
6. professor murder. champion (professor murder rides the subway)
7. frog eyes. idle songs (tears of the valedictorian)
8. neutral milk hotel. where you'll find me now (on avery island)
9. songs of green pheasant. wolves amongst snowmen (aerial days)

10. yo la tengo. mr tough (i'm not afraid of you and i will beat yr ass)
11. first nation. female trance (s/t)
12. peter bjorn & john. let's call it off (writer's block)

13. ariel pink's haunted graffiti. jules lost his jewels (worn copy)
14. television. venus (marquee moon)
15. bobby birdman. all right (born free forever)
16. mogwai. yes! i am a long way from home (young team)
17. raccoo-oo-oon. stickeaters (the cave of spirits forever)

18. takka takka. living out of trouble (we feel safer at night)
19. julie doiran. no more (work myself up)
20. pinback. seville (blue screen life)
21. the monkees. pleasant valley sunday (pisces, aquarius, capricorn & jones ltd)
22. belle & sebastian. the monkeys are breaking out of the zoo (colours are brighter)

23. skygreen leopards. sally orchard (disciples of california)
24. evangelicals. what an actress does best (so gone)
25. beach house. saltwater (s/t)
26. the hold steady. party pit (boys and girls in america)
27. die! die! die!. i wanna (locust weeks ep)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

animal collective on a cellphone


big thanks to one of our loyal listeners melinda for sending us a few pxts from the animal collective shows in wellington and auckland a few weeks ago!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

PlayList 21 November, "Gotta Lick A Toad In The Party Zone"....

welcome to the noisy sleazy country indie timmy dodgers special, fresh outta myspace sneetches! gotta a lot of bits and pieces tonight and a fresh swag of australian tunes from my trip so let's kick it...

1. The Drones, Jezebel (Gala Mill)
One of the most monumental albums I've heard since forever, a true classick and one to take to the grave... most recommended.
The Drones Official Site

2. Shellac, Squirrel Song (1000 Hurts)
3. The Jesus Lizard, Mouth Breather (Goat)
Touch & Go, freshly 25 and a reminder that music can still be intelligent and dangerous...

4. Blood Brothers, You're The Dream Unicorn! (Young Machetes)

5. New York Dolls, Looking For A Kiss (S/T)

6. Tim Rogers & Tex Perkins (T'N'T) - Eveybody Hates You Whe You're Popular [My Better Half]
Two Aussie legends and hard living roustabouts combine humour and rootsy honky skronk to great effect... a sleeper hit for alt country fans
You Am I (Tim Rogers) Official Site
TNT Official Site

7. The Gin Club, Wylde Bitch (Virginibus Puerisque)
Brisbane's finest local rootsy collective bring drunken singalongs, shanties, jigs, and quiet melancholy. Truly brilliant and should be bigger than that new artwork on HIgh St. Check out their website you fools!
The Gin Club Official Site

8. Richard Buckner, Town (Meadow)
A stalwart of the alt country revival, the singular, stunning , Richard Buckner has moved from personal desperation to impressionistic vignettes over the years but his power and range has only increased. Beautiful, compelling, brilliant.

9. Sparklehorse, Ghost In The Sky [Slept For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain]
A welcome return from Mr. Linkous et al... more of the same but what a fantastic same...

10. Pajo,We Get Along, Mostly [1968]
Ex-Slint and (ugh) Zwan member gets his groove on a collection og folkish ramblings with the odd electrified scorcher... like this one...

11. Bob Dylan, Someday Baby [Modern Times]
It stuns me how Dylan can reach within himself and lift his weight of history to release three of the best albums he's ever made (which is saying something) in a row. Modern Times with one possible exception (Working Class Blues) is a pure joy.

12. My Morning Jacket, One Big Holiday [Okonos - Live]
Well recorded and great, tight performances make this album a must...

13. Jarvis Cocker, Black Magic [Jarvis]
The other stand out track and the one that's not hidden or expletive laden from Mr. Pulp's debut album... post-Morrissey misery and cynical wiscracks from Britain's most overlooked singerand songwriter

14. Sleepy Jackson, Devil Was In My Yard [Personality...]
Australia's own Brian Wilson makes an album I cannot hate... it gets under your skin like veins and tangles you up in symphonic blue
Sleepty Jackson Official Site

15. Augie March, One Crowded Hour [Moo, You Bloody Choir]
What's going on in Australia? There seems to be some of the best bands I've heard in many a year recording those albums that last you decades and here's another one. Truly brilliant lyrics complimented by a sense of refined melody thatmay not make them the most "hip" but the most uniquely positioned bands in that big old country... recommended to all as a must have and album of the year contender...
Augie March Official Site

16. Joanna Newsom, Cosmia [Ys]
Self indulgent piffery or the bravest boldest personal vision committed to wax this year? An album that divides yes, but most imprtantly, conquers... but then again I always liked things difficult!

17. Grinderman, No Pussy Blues [Myspace download]
What more can I say? Nick Cave gets back on track finally, and Warren Ellis [Dirty Three] brings the big guns...
Stream It On MySpace

18. Tenacious D, Kickapoo
Um, okay. Not the greatest album from the Greatest Band In The World, but this song is pretty funny... go on on when he sings "Gotta lick a toad in the party zone" you know it's own. Thgen add Meatloaf and Dio and... well... it's better than Nacho Libre!

19. sebadoh, wonderful wonderful [III]
the album that wasn't nevermind released in 1991 and still monumentally awkwards, sloppy, and compelling

20. Okkervil River, Black [Black Sheep Boy]
Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Go directly to Galaxy and pick up this album or SHAME ON YOU! This was one of 2005's best and still a true indie masterpiece...


21. Quicksand, Thorn In My Side [Manic Compression]
Hardcore essential from back in the day, a most influential album and genre defining sounds from ex- Gorrilla Biscuits main man. Get angry, get Quicksand!

22. Isis, Wrists of Kings
Epic, enthralling, whether it'spostrock and post metal I don;t know. Signed to Ipecac [Mike Patton] it's dynamic, powerful, and drawing legions of fans to it... is metal still a dirty word? Or is black metal the new black?

23. Mastodon, Crystal Skull [Blood Mountain]
See above and bow down to the metal revival! Tech-speed-thrash riffery from the best metal band since Metallica released Kill Em All or Slayer's early stuff Mastodon cater to everyone who likes loud hooky intelligent stuff...

24. The Drones, I Looked Down The Line
Did I mention this is the best album I've heard in years from my new favourite band?

Love you all and see you on MySpace you hipsters!

Heh Heh

Timmy Doders, Esq XIII

youtube post!

A short film in which the protagonist is played by Panda Bear (Noah Lennox) of Animal Collective fame. A must see for fans!

Oh also, I urge everyone to check out the LaBlogotheque videos as they are brilliant. They also have a blog, too bad it's in French.

Monday, November 20, 2006

timmy dodgers trucking shit up tomorrow night!

sorry for not posting anything on here in ages!

been kinda busy, richard' s just been bloody slack!

but just a quick note to tell you timmy dodgers will be filling in tomorrow night, fresh from his trip to brisvegas in australia. i've been told to expect some doom metal revival, sludge emo and of course his his trademark country hitz. make sure you tune in!

also have some plans in the pipeline for a guitar media end-of-year top-10 nerd extravaganza, possibly featuring the return of richard mf! make sure you start collating yr top 10 songs and albums of 2006 cos it's very nearly that time again! plus lists are pretty awesome!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

don't give up on yr dreams, buddy! playlist nov 14

1. mestar. silversong (shut the squizwot factories down)
2. the mint chicks. don't turn me on ... (crazy? yes! dumb? no!)
3. asobi seksu. thursday (citrus)
4. nagisa ni te. river (the same as a flower)

5. explosions in the sky. a poor man's memory (those who tell the truth...)
6. the cure. a forest (seventeen seconds)
7. microphones. bass drum dream (song islands)

8. deerhoof. +81 (friend opportunity)
9. panda bear. comfy in nautica (7" single)
10. swan lake. are you swimming in her pools (beast moans)
11. sparrow house. when i am gone (falls ep)

12. 14 iced bears. like a dolphin (in the beginning)
13. chas. mtn. mothure (hugs)
14. augie march. mother greer (moo, you bloody choir)
15. tom waits. road to peace (orphans)

16. art brut. nag nag nag nag (new single)
17. deerhoof. believe esp (friend opportunity)
20. apples in stereo. beautiful machine pts 3-4 (new magnetic wonder)
21. department of eagles. sailing at night (whitey on the moon)
22. another sunny day. anorak city (london weekend)

23. mt. gigantic. dip into my daddy (old smiler)
24. mastodon. bladecatcher (blood mountain)
25. die! die! die!. i wanna (locust weeks ep)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

hey look! we're new york hipsters. playlist nov 7

1. herman dune. your name/my game (giant)
2. voxtrot. trouble (your biggest fan b-side)
3. the vaselines. you think yr a man (the way of the vaselines)

4. sparrow house. foxes (sighing like a furnace) (falls)
5. great lake swimmers. where in the world are you? (the sound the hare heard comp)
6. sparklehorse. it's not so hard (dreamt for lightyears in the belly of a mountain)
7. dark meat. angel of death (universal indians)
8. apples in stereo. 7 stars (new magnetic wonder)

9. of montreal. lysergic bliss (live daytrotter session)
10. the cosbys. speechin' (demo)
11. sebadoh. hassle (III reissue)
12. tim rogers & the temperance union. letter to gene (spit polish)
13. castanets. you are the blood (cathedral)
14. the tiger tones. be yr star (demo)
15. animal collective. people (people ep)

16. the curtains. tornado traveller's fear (calamity)
17. beat happening. tiger trap (you turn me on)
18. pavement. rattled by the rush (wowee zowee: sordid sentinels)
19. modern lovers. pablo picasso (s/t)

20. rolling stones. stop breaking down (exile on main street)
21. japanther. pleased to meet you (leather wings)
22. oneida. did i die (the wedding)
23. black flag. tv party (damaged)