Tuesday, January 31, 2006

how many people will die while this show is on?


1. walkmen, little house of savages (bows & arrows)
2. the minus five, aw shit man (the gun album)
3. okkervil river, for real (black sheep boy)
4. maryrose crook w/ the renderers, night train (ghosts of our vegas lifes)
5. the rolling stones, live with me (let it bleed)
6. the flaming lips, the w.a.n.d. (at war with the mystics)
7. can, bring me coffee or tea (tago mago)
8. ester drang, valencia's dying dream (rocinate)
9. the foxymorons, this heart of mine (hesitation eyes)
10.the happy people, bigger and bigger (demo)
11.redd kross, shonen knife (third eye)
12.the rogers sisters, the clock (the invisible deck)
13.gogol bordello, never young (gypsy punks...)
14.pinback, seville (blue screen life)
15.black flag, six pack (damaged)
16.wire, ex lion tamer (pink flag)
17.elliott smith, thirteen (big star cover) (basement sessions bootleg)
18.shugo tokumaru, such a color (night piece)
19.mogwai, glasgow mega snake (mr beast)
20.the drones, freedom in the loot (wait long by the river...)
21.the mountain goats, this year (sunset tree)
22.raconteurs, steady as she goes (single release)
23.grandaddy, song (album)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

don't call me whitney, bobby - playlizt, 24/1/06


1. the drones - you don't really care (wait long by the river and the bodies of your enemies will float past)
2. afghan whigs - blame, etc (black love)

a lie, a truth,which one will I use?

3. sleater kinney, what's mine is yours (the woods)
4. dinosaur jr, let it ride (bug)

sit down honey, take yr time
rest your head on this heart of mine

5. minus 5, cigarettes, coffee, and booze (the gun album)
6. isobel campbell and mark lanegan, black mountain (ballad of broken sea)

all you need is cigarettes, coffee, and booze
true i true i true i

7. sparrow house, when i am gone (old college injuries)
8. elliott smith, new disaster (the basement sessions bootlegs - difficult to find but worth the effort)

the bedroom recordings section. ahh, the hushed intimacy of demos makesthe wings on the back of my neck stand up. elliott left us far too soon...

limbs frozen in place like some fake plastic smile w/ too much teeth.

9. the lilys, black carpet magic (evrything wrong is imaginary)
10. why, gemini (birthday song) (elephant eyelash)

i ask for a verb and you give me a noun.

11. destroyer, 3000 flowers (rubies)
12. the beatles (who?),happiness is a war gun (just ask george bush) (white album)

i need a fix cause i'm going down
down to the place that i left uptown

mother superior george's a gun

13. apples in stereo, ruby (herwallpaper reverie)
14. jenny lewis, rise up with fists (rabbit fur coat)

there but for the grace of g*d go i.

15. pretty girls make graves, the nocturnal house (elan vital)
16. jeff buckley, grace (grace)

and the rain is falling
and i believe my time has come
wait in the fire.

17. the smiths, cemetry gates (the queen is dead)
18. okkervil river, black (black sheep boy)

and i tell you like before
you should wreck his life the way thathe wrecked yours...
you are no part of his life anymore

19. beck, lord only knows (odelay)
20. ryan adams, the hardest part (jacksonville city nights)

1, 2, 3, my winona!

the hardest part is loving somebody who cares for you...

21. wilco, shot in the arm [live] (kicking television)
22. grandaddy, am 180 (under the western freeway)

the ashtray says
you were up all night...
you've changed

what you wanted
isn't what you want to be

23. bonnie prince billy, i see a darkness (i see a darkness)
24. boris, electric (pink)

thank you and goodnight.

shea and timmy dodgers.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Wilson Pickett, RIP

Sad news as I find that Wilson Pickett has passed away at age 64. A true legend of soul, Pickett has always been one of my personal music heroes. May he be at peace.

Wilson Picket @ BBC News

Hope all you Big Day Outers are having fun.

Timmy Dodgers

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

ah rumi, your voice fills me with blissful confusion

1. arcade fire, rebellion [funeral]
ah, best of 2004 and 2005. this turn world causes some strange events. worthy nonetheless and surreal to see on Top Of The Pops the other day!?

2. the brian jonestown massacre, not if you were the last dandy on earth [broken flowers ost]
a diss of an old friend perhaps, from the fantastic Broken Flowers... and you really must see DIG about him and the Dandys...

3. the spinto band, late [nice and nicely done]
chiming, driving geetars, big drums, and droney vocals make this a perfect indie track. like he says, get back to house because the show is on... guitar media 9-11, tuesday nights

4. the dandy warhols, the new country [odditorium...]
he who laughs last etc. from the critically underrated album... you know, the one with the stoopid title, odditorium etc

5. pet politics, the ghost mary and her friends [in my head ep]
nice and lo-fi, a little mystery... download it here!

6. marah, the hustle [if you didn't laugh you'd cry]
a no depression album of the year, a rollickin' good alt country indie guitar rekurd.... nice vibe throughout, a bit of a retro feel, yes sir I do decree, this music's good fer yer sole

7. white stripes, red rain [get behind me satin]
no not really. but it would have been a cool title. or get behind me crushed velvet. big day outers witness this red bloos twosome or cry a rain of red tears.

8. koffin kats, vampire's curse [inhumane]
psychobilly... like the stray cats meets bela lugosi... quite nice and worth checking out at Koffin Kats

9. brian setzer, drink whiskey and shut up [nitro burning funny daddy]
the grandaddy of modern rockabilly and former stray cat frontman, setzer has been kicking out the jams for decades now. much respect and info at
Brian Setzer

10. belle & sebastian, seeing other people [if you're feeling sinister live at barbican]
their classic album in a full live setting, beautifully recorded. go on you big softy, you know you want it.

11. jenny lewis, handle with care (travelling wilburys' cover) [rabbit fur coat]
some cover versions really make sense. some, of course, don't.
Jenny Lewis

12. mates of state, fraud in the 80s [bring it back]
organ and drums, boy and girl, sounds like a perfect indie recipie. just add pocket protectors.

13. cat power, love and communication [the greatest]
new albums sounds the business and due soon.
Cat Power @ Matador

14. sufian stevens, romulus [michigan]
uber-kid of the moment, ambitious and talented beyond belief, expect him and conor oberst to start a blur/ oasis type "I'm the new Bob Dylan" feud on blogs everywhere soon. who's t-shirt is tightest? yer, that's right, mine baby.

15. bright eys, landlocked blues (live) [motion sickness]
sufian who? conor's already written a song about every state of america and a poem about every president and a short story about the declaration of independence. okay maybe I'm lying, but this guy is prolific, not quite ryan adams type prolific, but definitely on a roll. who's fringe is the coolest? that's right sufian, mine.

16. parts & labour, a great divide [stay afraid]
noise, glorious noise from my fave rekurd label of the momet, jagjauwar - home of okkervil river, skygreen leopards, black mountain, mmm mmm!

17. mogwai, travel is dangerous [mr. beast]
from the hotly touted and highly anticipated mr beast... and I believe it to be a sensational album, yes I do. More volume certainly, but perhaps most importantly, more momentum and purpose...

18. the big sleep, brown beauty [son of the tiger]
nice big geetars yes...

19. the drones, baby2 [wait long by the river and the bodies of your enemies will float by]
real rawk. no mucking about here me lad. talking man type, primal, drink fueled, distorted messy bloos rawk. stuff to scare your kids with. stuff to scare the kid with. stuff to play at full volume in an american car on a full tank of ultra high premium jet fuel. dig? the drones

20. kings of leon, spiral staircase [youth & young manhood]
aw yeah. one of the best of the throwbacks, and another big day out essential.

21. bonnie prince billy, death to everyone (live) [summer in the southeast]
a rocked up, full band billy on this LP, and touring NZ - CHCH on 11 Feb! Praise the Lowered!

22. wrens, 13 grand [the meadowlands]
a classic but probably underheard album... it's aging very well. should you love the decemberists etc then you need to check it out...

23. tim rogers & the temperance union, paperboy [dirty ron/ ghost songs]
you am i/ timmy rogersFrom my album of 2005, from my personal favourite artist of all time, my hero and all round genius, tim rogers. so real you can taste it, live it, music like this is a rare commodity these days.

24. wolf parade, you are a runner and i am my father's son [apologies to queen mary]
blame kanada.

ladeez and gentlemein, fanks and good nuit.

timmy dodgers, esq (XIII)

Bonnie Prince Billy @ Creation Feb 11 (Plus another rumour!)

Hey all, looking forwards to the show tonight - should get round to more new Mogwai, new Jenny Lewis (Rilo Kiley), new Cat Power, Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan's great new disc, new Graham Coxon and plenty more.

Just a serious reminder to get your tickets to BONNIE PRINCE BILLY - only around $40 it's a deal for one of the great alt country/ indie legends (and cheaper from Creation rumour has it). The line up is stellar - Mr. Oldham is bringing Linda and Richard Thompson's daughter Camilla AND Dirty Three guitarist Mick Turner... hoo haa! Add to the mix the RounDUp winners The Undercurrents in support and you got yourself a deal!

We need to support these gigs to get more so go and buy a ticket you sexy looking slacker you.

Also my spy reports that the MOUNTAIN GOATS are nearly confirmed to rock Creation on April 8.

Viva 2006!

Timmy Dodgers

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

passing through the gateless gate - playlist 10/1

hi all, back in full action this week. lots to play, some of it well new, so without further ado...

1. the greenhornes - there is an end (broken flowers ost)
2. someone still loves you boris yeltsin - house fire (room)
3. 31 knots - we still have legs (talk like blood)

... back to back classics!!!
4. the posies - definite door (frosting on the beater)
5. big star - feel (#1 record/ radio city)

6. belle & sebastian - the blues are still blue (the life pursuit)
7. okkervil river - last love song for now (black sheep boy appendix ep)
8. destroyer - your blood (rubies)
9. the gin club - drug flowers (fear of the sea)
10. pavement - folk jam (terror twilight)
11. greg dulli - cigarettes (amber headlights)
12. islands - rough gem (return to the sea)
13. hemstad - karsentorgets charkdisco (demo)
14. the go!team - we listen every day (are you ready for more?)
15. messer chups - go satan go
16. jens lekman - black cab (oh you're so silent, jens)
17. iron & wine + calexico - history of lovers (in the reins)
18. finishing school - page 16(destination girl)
19. mogwai - folk death 95 (mr beast)
20. we are scientists - this scene is dead (with love and squalor)
21. misfits - i turned into a martian (walk amongst us)
22. drones - another rousing chorus you idiots (wait long by the river and the bodies of your enemies will float past)
23. dinosaur jr. - i'm insane (hand it over)
24. bob dylan - like a rolling stone (live) - no direction home/ live at the royal alberthall bootleg releases

p.s. this colour = mp3 download (ooooohhh!!)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

technical hitches and other stories


no turntables, no ipods. things are going wrong wrong wrong.what can I do except be thankful I brought a cd or two... strap in and let's see what we find. remember, some things are played out of duress but that doesn't mean that we don't whole-heartedly love them...

1. bernard fanning - not finished just yet (tea & sympathy)

2. cold harbour - loser leaves town (s/t self release available from www.coldharbourband.com) - this ep isalmost reason enough to move to melbourne! sensational

3. afghan whigs - debonair (gentlemen) - possibly the greatest break-up album ever - the angry ting to #6's tender yang (or some othercrap metaphor - anyway greg dulli's voice is pure hurtred and vindictive anger)

4. robert johnson- preachin' blues (up jumped the devil)
them crossroad's got some good mojo if you've got a soul to forego

5. neutral milk hotel - in the aeroplaneover the sea (in the aeroplane over the sea)
recently re-released classic - 10.0 says the prickforkmedia crew

6. sebadoh - not a friend (bakesale) - see #3. an album to live and love and leave by.

7. idaho - fuel (this way out) - the indie band par excellence. worth tracking down and keeping to yourself.

8. stephen malkmus - freeze the saints (face the truth) - who?

9. urge overkill - somebody else's body (exit the dragon)- a real old time fave for me, highly underrated- where are these guys now that retro rawk is the bee's ankles?

10. queens of the stone age - feel good hit of the summer - dedicatedto all of your new year's eves.

11. beulah - if can land a man on the moon, surely I can win your heart (when your heartstrings break) - thelongest song title in the world goers to.... tonight's most brilliant neo-psychedelic indie song

12. elliott smith - independence day (xo) - the aching harmonies like poisoned sugar... mr smith once proclaimed his desire to be both john lennon andpaul mccartney at the same time, and withxo he brought pet sounds era brian wilsonto the mix. shame he went out like kurt cobain then...

13. m. ward - outta my head (the transfiguration of vincent) - a tremendously gifted artist who makes beautiful music for quietly adventurous souls

14. the decemberists - as i rise (her majesty the decemberists) - sophisticated sounds from a better era

15. bob dylan - it takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry (highway 61 revisited) - nearly as long as beulah, probably not as good,i mean come on, what the hell is this guy talking about - who does he think he is anyway, the voice of a generation or something? (ha ha)

16. devendra banhart - now that i know (cripple crow) - notice the place ment of this track, not that i'm positioning him as a worthy sucessor to anyone mind you. nor would i be so bold as to compare this album to #15 either.

17. tom mcrae - ghost of a shark (just like blood) - the darker twin of david gray which makes him sound crappier than he really is from an album that bmg NZ imported because uncut magazine aamongst others loved it... dark british melancholy

18. a.c. newman - on the table (slow wonder) mr new pornographer on a solo mission to beautific classic sounding melodic indie heaven

19. brendan benson - what (not featuring lil'jon and the eastside boys - whhhaaaaatttt!) - mr jack white's friend is another man who's learnt from the classics and puts his chops to good use on this album... LAPALCO. go track it down. word.

20. the sleepy jackson - miniskirt (s/t) twisted australian visionary or just plain old boring wannabe eccentric (thinking mr babyshambles here)... i dunno but when everythings royally fucked then I play some strange things to be sure...

21. cure, the - lullaby (disintegration)- you can't beat a classic like this unless you have a very big stick. i'm talking kauri here, not pinus radiata.

22. adam green - jessica (an odeto the supremely talented jessica simpson,adam green takes us deep inside her head to discover thatonly candyfloos and soft porn linger between her lobes, alas,the shame. ps.adam green is from the mouldy peaches, which is how you could desribe jessica after the terrible stint in the dukes of hazzard... hmmm... it was general lee shite).

23. ryan adams - come pick me up (heartbreaker) - a song for nick to play every time he thinks of jessica, jessica simpson. ahhh... a night of break up songs.

24. wilco - war on war (yankee doodledandy) -public service message from richard gere's film adaptation of the tibetan book of living and dying... you've got to learn, you've got to learn how to die. thanks jeff, you're a real good friend. no wonder everyone leaves your band mr happy pants.

25. flaming lips - do you realize (yoshimi gets batteries for pink robots)

THE BIG FINALE! NOTICE THE EXISTENTIAL SIGNIFICANCE OF THE WILCO/ FLAMING LIPS PAIRING. It is a message... from the speakers to your subconscious, telling you that warner music is evil. but good saves the day.

thank you and goodnight.

shea and timothy dodgers, 13th