Tuesday, July 29, 2008

scheduling mishaps. playlist sept 3

1. grizzly bear. two weeks [live on letterman]

2. department of eagles. in ear park [in ear park]
3. brown bird. the ice and the snow haunt me still [bottom of the sea]
4. u.s. girls. prove it all night [introducing]

5. mythical beast. maria sabina [split with cloudland canyon]
6. takka takka. everybody say [migration]
7. chad vangaalen. willow tree [soft aeroplane]
8. high places. namer [vision's the first bside/s/t]

9. mount pleasant. best friends [three songs]
10. el guincho. cerrando por tajarste [folias]
11. grouper. little boat/bone dance [wide]

12. je suis animal. sparkle spit [self-taught magic from a book]
13. palace bros. come in [an arrow through the bitch ep]
14. telepathe. chrome's on it [beat mother]
15. kria brekkan. gomul visa um vorio [wildering bside]

16. karl blau. mockingbird diet [nature's got away]
17. fantastic magic. sea of gold [s/t]
18. forest fire. i make windows [survival]

19. at night. like a rolling stone [be dylan & the boy on the beach]
20. the pastels. up for a bit [up for a bit with the pastels]
21. julie doiron. second time [loneliest in the morning]
22. no paws (no lions). for yr eyes only [demo]

23. mv & ee. lonely moon [total loss songs]
24. factums. mushrooms [the sistrum]
25. alps. i.d.l.s [alps of nsw]

26. the brian jonestown massacre. who fucking pissed in my well [my bloody underground]

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

tired + sick. playlist july 22

1. dutchess & the duke. reservoir park [she's the dutchess]
2. the hospitals. teams [hairdryer peace]

3. jay reatard. fluorescent grey [split 7" with deerhunter]
4. softboiled eggies. october days [try it again]
5. charalambides. memory [split 7" with pocahaunted]

6. dominique leone. nous tombons dans elle [s/t]
7. darker my love. pale sun [#2]
8. the muslims. right and wrong [s/t]

9. shocking pinks. track 10 [demos]
10. hospital ship. i want it to get out [plastic faces]
11. mount eerie w julie doiron. flaming home [lost wisdom]
12. stinky toys. plastic faces [plastic faces]

13. pierced arrows. walking wounded [straight to the heart]
14. chops. ospylac emit [split 7" with helhesten]
15. paavoharju. puhur [yhahamaraa]
16. extra life. blackmail blues [secular works]

17. dustin and the furniture. trinature [dancing on nothing]
18. smiths. stop me if you think you've heard this one before [strangeways]
19. pink reason. borrowed time [7"]
20. smog. i feel like the mother of the world [a river ain't much to love]

21. scrabbel. sometimes [highjack tunes ep]
22. high places. shared islands [03/07-09/07]
23. nobunny. i am a girlfriend [love visions]
24. shocking pinks. dry heat [dance the dance electric]

25. parts & labor. nowhere's nigh [receivers]
26. the neighbourhood council. liver and tan [set pieces ep]
27. crystal stilts. converging in the quiet [s/t]

Tuesday, July 15, 2008



1. micah p. hinson. come home quickly, darlin' [and the red empire...]

2. diamonds. seasons [rough cuts]
3. pete yorn. vampire [nightcrawler]
4. animal collective. safer [live]

5. erics trip. sand [songs about chris ]
6. christina carter. preserve our face [texas working blues]
7. phosphorescent. a picture of torn up praise [pride]

8. fulton girls club. nothing [i wish i had x-ray vision]
9. herman dune. don't you worry a bit [daytrotter session]
10. destroyer. don't become the thing you hated [your blues]
11. shocking pinks. go to sleep (deerhunter remix) [go to sleep ep]

12. david thomas broughton. i don't feel dancing (scissor sisters) [demo]
13. banjo or freakout. stay son (a classic education cover) [demo]
14. sunset rubdown. mending of the gown [daytrotter session (encore)]

15. lucky dragons. [dream island laughing language]
16. thanksgiving. rose hips [nothing]
17. vivian girls. i can't stand [pink couch sessions]
18. ariel pinks haunted graffiti. lestat (according to the windows) [???]

19. raccoo-oo-oon. diamonds in the dunes [behold secret kingdom]
20. oneida. cream puff war (grateful dead cover) [heads ain't ready]
21. nothing. to the sun [warm gun]

22. feral children. jaundice giraffe [second to last frontier]
23. xiu xiu. sad pony guerilla girl [a promise]
24. mythical beast. maria sabina [split with cloudland canyon]

25. catatonic youth. side a [single]

26. popolice. closer now [???]

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

banana slut [08/07/08]


1. bonnie prince billy. i'll be glad [lie down in the light]

2. atlas sound. blue moon [covers two songs for my dad ep]
3. scott tuma. eloper [not for nobody]
4. warmer milks. untitled [soft walks]

5. wooden shjips. shrinking moon for you [volume 1]
6. kurt vile. freeway [constant hitmaker]

7. ilyas ahmed. under the singing sea [the vertigo of dawn]
8. donovan quinn & the 13th month. sister alchemy [single]
9. barbara barg & barbara ess. excerpts from a streetcar named... [tell us five and six]
10. brian eno. third uncle [taking tiger mountain (by strategy)]

11. pumice. battersby [quo]
12. sun city girls. souveniers from jangare [you're never alone with a cigarette]
13. francois virot. say fiesta [demo]
14. stars of the lid. the mouth chew pt 3. [carte de viste]

15. dan friel. desert song [ghost town]
16. xiu xiu. i do what i want when i want [women as lovers]
17. dept. of eagles. in ear park [in ear park]

18. the verlaines. cd jimmy jazz and me [bird dog]
19. alastair galbraith. mrs blucher [little boat]
20. karl blau. the dark magical sea [beneath waves]

21. phosphorescent. right now i am roaming [demo]
22. august born. last breath of the bird [s/t]
23. damien jurado. where lies my tarp? (microphones cover)

24. panda bear. on the farm [s/t]
25. forest fire. slow motion [survival]

26. the leds. 38 [???]

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

exotic boutique [01/07/08]

1. christina carter. a blind eye [texas working blues]

2. phillip glass & brian eno & david bowie. excerpt from the [low symphony]
3. lucky dragons. morning ritual [dream island laughing language]

4. twi the humble feather. adventures of castle two [music for spaceships and forests]
5. tape. moth wings [luminarium]
6. dm stith. be my baby [works in progress presented by asthmatic kitty]
7. no age. impossible bouquiet [nouns]

7. smog. my shell (electric version) [burning kingdom ep]
8. robedoor. fire in hall [endlessly blazing]

9. tickley feather. natural natural [split with serpants of wisdom]
10. crystal stilts. crippled croon [s/t ep]
11. jay reatard. always wanting more [single]

12. king darves. fish hook [the sun splits for the blind swimmer]
13. alastair galbraith. portrait [little boat]
14. paavoharju. tytto tanssii [l.l.k]

15. sic alps. bells [a long way around to a shortcut]
16. nobunny. i am a girlfriend [love visions]
17. fleetwood mac. not that funny [tusk]

18. fabulous diamonds. lp6 [s/t]
19. xiu xiu. buzzsaw [the air force]
20. forest fire. sunshine city [survival]

21. jim o rourke. the workplace [halfway to a threeway]
22. jandek. your other man [blue corpse]
23. daniel johnston. death scream [fear yourself]

24. serpants of wisdom. my dead cat [split with tickley feather]
25. deerhunter. never stops [microcastle]
26. snailhouse. superstitious [lies on the prize]
27. yikes. pink cigars [secrets to superflipping]

27. abe vigoda. animal ghosts [single]