Tuesday, February 13, 2007

i am part of a large family. playlist 13/2/2007

1. dr. dog. old news (we all belong)
2. los campsinos. please don't tell me to do the math(s) (we throw parties, you throw knives bside)
3. the makes nice. candy wrapper (candy wrapper and 12 other songs)
4. arcade fire. the well and the lighthouse (neon bible)

5. avey tare. i'm yr eagle kisser (rare bookwroom records comp)
6. great lake swimmers. catcher son (ongiara)
7. tunng. wood cat (comments of the inner chorus)
8. papercuts. unavailable (can't go back)
9. microphones. get off the internet (don't smoke bside)

10. casper & the cookies. learn how to disappear (optimist's club)
11. the battles. suzanne (tomorrow's eager hands)
12. the evens. cut from the cloth (s/t)
13. liquid liquid. optimo (s/t anthology)


14. flying canyon. crossing by yr star (s/t)
15. shocking pinks. second hand girl (infinity land)
16. bill callahan. the wheel (woke on a whaleheart)
17. paul mccartney. temporary secretary (mccartney ii)

18. the mint chicks. crazy? yes! dumb? no! (crazy? yes! dumb? no!)
19. the tiger tones. he said (s/t ep)
20. air formation. cold morning (daylight storms)
21. explosions in the sky. welcome, ghosts (all of a sudden, i miss everyone)

22. dinosaur jr. pick me up (beyond)
23. not so experimental. harry (s/t ep)
24. my disco. perfect perfection (cancer)
25. boredoms. 96 teenage bondage (super roots one)


blink said...

cheers for the my disco and evens spins lads. Nice to know the tunes are getting out there before i bring the bands to town.

amazing fucken bands too.

Shea said...

hey blink!

no worries man - thanks for bringing them here! we're stoked!