Tuesday, December 04, 2007

argh this is a horible song yo. playlist dec 4

1. sleeping states. september, maybe [there the open spaces]

2. atlas sound. recent bedroom [let the blind lead those who can see but cannot feel]
3. deerhunter. activa [daytrotter session]
4. black mountain. wild wind [in the future]

5. sam amidon. little johnny brown [all is well]
6. cass mcombs. deseret [dropping the writ]
7. ray rumours. tomorrow [split with bare knees]

8. the field mice. if you need someone [where'd you learn to kiss that way?]
9. cryptacize. cosmic singalong [dig that treasure]
10. sunset rubdown. idiot heart [daytrotter session]

11. castanets. rain will come [in the vines]
12. tall dwarfs. dare to tread [fork songs]
13. the watery graves and genevieve. pour romain [s/t]

14. white denim. mess yr hair up [let's talk talk talk about it]
15. psychedelic horseshit. portals [magic flowers droned]
16. ariel pink. everybody [through the wilderness madonna comp]

17. snowfield. if this is liberty give me death [forthcoming]
18. animal collective. doggy/hey light [live on bbc]
19. high places. sandy feat [s/t ep]

20. magnetic fields. strange powers [holiday]
21. ride. all i can see [smile]
22. manishevitz. dead birds [east to east]
23. growing. first contact [lateral]

24. unreliable narrator. these fucking mountains [concrete lions]
25. real live tigers. beard of bees [this is sometimes a riverbed]
26. these new puritans. costume [beat pyramids]

27. worms. impossible [s/t]
28. pre. popping showers [epic fits]
29. coughs. fencing [secret passage]

30. minisnap. new broom [bounce around]

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