Tuesday, March 25, 2008

playlist!!!!!! playlist mar 25

1. elbow. starlings [seldom scene kid]

2. lullatone. goodnight train [presents the bedtime beat]
3. maher shalal hash baz. open field [blues du jour]
4. tickley feather. sexface [split 7" with bermuda triangles]
5. rollin hunt. beautiful park [dear people of the world]

6. the sound of arrows. danger! [danger!]
7. jeremy jay. alpharhythm [7" single]
8. spectrum. california lullaby [what came before after sympathy]

9. my bloody valentine. all i need [isn't anything]
10. boy in static. kissed under the sun [newborn]
11. megafaun. lazy suicide [bury the square]
12. the mae shi. i get almost everything [hlllyh]

13. bon iver. flume [live at sxsw]
14. gregor samsa. the adolescent [rest]
15. kria brekkan. wildering [7"]

16. jay reatard. always wanting more [7"]
17. the goslings. mandy [occassion]
18. david karsten daniels. falling down [fear of fly]

19. silver jews. suffering jukebox [look out mountain look out sea]
20. tallest man on earth. the gardner [shallow graves]
21. strugglers. latest rights [latest rights]

22. memes. make it awful [with my whole heart]
23. sound pool. the divides of march [dichotomy & dreamland]
24. teengirl fantasy. hoop dreams [demo]
25. swimming. building [you are yr own]

26. a place to bury strangers. to fix the gash in yr head [s/t]

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

in my child mind you were a lion. playlist mar 18

1. malcom middleton. week off [sleight of heart]

2. animal collective. water curses [water curses ep]
3. cursillistas. caves carved in golden light [wasp stings the last bitter flavour]
4. the radio dept. the city limit [pulling our weight ep]

5. misosphere. deluded & obscene [where has it gone]
6. guided by voices. motor away [alien lanes]
7. blank dogs. outside alarmer [the doorbell fire 7"]

8. man man. hurly/burly [rabbit habits]
9. numbers. crimson and clover [w 7"]
10. plants & animals. faerie dance [parc avenue]

11. secret shine. liquid indigo [greater than god]
12. tangerine submarine. heart is where the head lies [sun and the red hill ep]
13. valet. kehaar [naked acid]

14. lullatone. yr snore [presents the bedtime beat]
15. headdress. great horned out [dunno]
16. natural snow buildings. all animals in the form of water [the dance of the moon and the sun]

17. bark psychosis. nothing feels [independancy]
18. secret knives. the skeleton [the wolves ep]
19. animal collective. street flash [water curses ep]

20. dudley benson. audrey h [the awakening]
21. ben & bruno. i'm awakened [hard history]
22. high places. jump in [03/07 - 09/07]

23. {{{sunset}}}. man's heart complaint [bright blue dream]

24. boris. statement [smile]

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

snails & haze. playlist mar 11

1. stephen malkmus & the jicks. baltimore [real emotional trash]

2. spectrum. how you satisfy me [soul kiss (glide divine)]
3. naked on the vague. white blankets [sad son]
4. telepathe. chrome's on it [demo]

5. thao nguyen & the get down stay down. bang of hammers [seasonal greens mix]
6. el guincho. kalise [alegranza]
7. karl blau. noah richard son [am]

8. the ruby suns. remember [sea lion]
9. donovan quinn. black bird head chamber [october lanterns]
10. the beach boys. i just wasn't made for these times [pet sounds]

11. tom waits. god's away on business [blood money]
12. alastair galbraith. yr lilt [orb]
13. tafra. oh, daniel [demo]
14. port o'brien. i woke up today [all we could do was sing]

15. foreign capitols. bitter half [a secret conspiracy against the blues]
16. wolf tickets. blue [milk moon]
17. grizzly bear. while you wait for the others [live on kcrw]

18. son lux. break [something]
19. the breeders. bang on [mountain battles]
20. hearts of animals. hearts break [demo]

21. cats in paris. foxes [demo]
22. apples in stereo. on yr own [bsides & rarities]
23. twin crystals. princess [demo]

24. jeremy jay. beautiful rebel [a place where we could go]
25. abe vigoda. animal ghosts [7"]
26. grey daturas. the hanging man is no peacock [dead in the woods]

27. gentle friendly. five girl night [night tape]
28. these are powers. chipping ice [taro tarot]

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

i want yr medicine. playlist march 4

1. j tillman. steel on steel [vacilando territory builds]

2. secret knives. the thief [the wolves ep]
3. shearwater. rooks [rooks]
4. fleet foxes. quiet houses [ragged wood]

5. the microphones. the moon [forthcoming rarities deluxe comp.]
6. the dodos. red and purple [visiter]
7. johnathan richman. you can't talk to the dude [i, johnathan]

8. the boy least likely to. i box up all the butterflies [new single]



9. elf power. owl cut [new]
10. that's him! that's the guy! gold truck one (a cease fire) [an army life]

JZ & THE BT Gs - instant kiwi

11. telepathe. chrome's on it [demo]

JZ & THE BT Gs - orange

12. atlas sound. bite marks [let the blind lead those who can see but cannot feel]
13. holy fuck. lovely allen (no age remix) [remixxxx]
14. a weather. oh my stars [demo]

15. james zoomerman. blueprint [demo]
16. gentle friendly. ride symbols [night tape demo]
17. el guincho. kalise [alegranza]

18. 90 day men. even the time ghost [
19. teengirl fantasy. portfolio [demo]
20. half-handed cloud. you've been faithful to us clouds [halos & lassoes]

21. belle & sebastian. electric renaissance [tigermilk]
22. islaja. kenen maa [mertie]
23. talbot tagora. hunger strike [demo]

24. smashing pumpkins. soma [siamese dream]

25. white denim. don't look that way at it [dunno ehhhh]