Tuesday, January 30, 2007

i don't want for us to take pills anymore. playlist jan 30

1. tiger trap. alien space song (split 7" w henry's dream)
2. jesus & mary chain. darklands (darklands)
3. psapp. tricycle (the only thing i ever wanted)

4. fine arts showcase. chemical girl (radiola)
5. akron/family. mic check (demo)
6. jack hayter. walking (practical wireless)
7. rhinoceros=riot. awkward teenage lovesong (pt.2) (demo)
8. kill surf city. headin inside (demo)

9. brown recluse sings. margot left in bed (black sunday ep)
10. andrew bird. fiery crash (armchair apocrypha)
11. neil young. vampire buff (on the beach)
12. smog. rock bottom riser (a river aint too much to love)

13. panda bear. bros (full 12 mins worrrd) (person pitch)
14. pg six. i've been travelling (slightly sorry)

15. the lemonheads. turnpike down (it's a shame about ray)
16. alec bathgate. happy hound (gold lame)
17. the motifs. races (s/t)
18. sleeping states. planning my escape (there the open spaces)
19. deerhoof. dummy discards a heart (apple o')
20. the white birch. yr spain (come up for air)

21. deerhunter. hazel street (cryptograms)
22. stereolab. orgiastic (peng!)
23. ted leo. sons of cain (living with the living)
24. sun city girls. blue mambo (torch of the mystics)
25. menomena. the pelican (friend and foe)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

get off the internet. playlist jan 23

1. david & the citizens. new direction (until the sadness is gone)
2. the high llamas. old spring town (can cladders)
3. tara jane oneil. blue light room (in circles)
4. do make say think. in mind (you, yr a history in rust)
5. eluvium. prelude for timeseekers (copia)

6. the ponys. double vision (turn the lights out)
7. meneguar. the temp (i was born at night)
8. clap yr hands say yeah. yankee go home (some loud thunder)

9. the shivers. the road (phone calls)
10. joanna newsom. bridges and balloons (milk-eyed mender)
11. woods. don't pass on me (at rear house)
12. david kilgour. you forget (here come the cars)
13. menomena. wet and rusting (friend and foe)


14. the clean. tally ho! (boodle boodle boodle ep)
15. bat for lashes. horse and i (fur and gold)
16. exploding budgies. see you round the stones (complete goblin mix and exploding budgies)
17. scout niblett. big bad man (sweetheart fever)
18. p:ano. light o' love (brigadoon)

19. john lennon. mother (plastic ono band)
20. neil young. comes a time (live rust)
21. the microphones. don't smoke (7" single)
22. wire. pink flag (pink flag)
23. gang gang dance. nomad for love (god's money)

24. of montreal. heimdalsgate like a promethean curse (hissing fauna are you the destroyer)
25. deerhoof. choco fight (friend opportunity)
26. fugazi. do you like me (red medicine)
27. forward russia. four (12 single)
28. the coolies. dance (demo)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

playlist 16/1/2006

1. over the atlantic. glass breaks (junica)
2. nurse & soldier. back in yr corner (marginalia)
3. gruff rhys. candylion (candylion)
4. page france. hat and rabbit (...and the family telephone)

5. paper cuts. john brown (can't go back)
6. apostle of hustle. chances are (national anthem of nowhere)
7. deerhunter. spring hall convert (cryptograms)
8. cyann & ben. words (sweet beliefs)

9. the arcade fire. black mirror (neon bible)
10. boris. farewell (pink)
11. stevie moore. showing shadows (phonography)
12. magic weapon. hidden veil (s/t ep)

13. pink mountaintops. forest of sex (the music appreciation society presents comp.)
14. clap your hands say yeah. goodbye to the mother & the cover (some loud thunder)
15. the gladeyes. andy (a heart full of love ep)

16. the motifs. dots (s/t)
17. viking moses. i will always love you (sandstorms 7")
18. david kilgour. bbc world (the far now)
19. mv & ee with the bummer road. cold rain (mother of thosands will provide the milk of our youth)
20. cloud cult. pretty voice (the meaning of 8)

21. pumice. 29 (raft)
22. tobin sprout. moonflower plastic (yr here) (moonflower plastic)
23. the sonics. the witch (here are the sonics)
24. yo la tengo. watch out for me ronnie (i am not afraid of you and i will beat yr ass)
25. kleenex. ain't you (7" single)
26. polysics. poly-farm (hey! bob! my friend!)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

i do everything with you, you do everything with me

the walker brothers - kentucky woman [the singles]
the ladybug transistor - everybody's missing the sun [here comes the rain]
i'm from barcelona - rec and play [let me introduce my friends]
francois - i m so glad [the people to forget]
wood pigeon - home, as a romanticised concept where everyone loves you and always and forever [songbook]

the magnetic fields - i don't want to get over you [69 love songs]
jens lekman - a sweet summers night on hammer hill [oh yr so silent jens]
the new pornographers - use it [twin cinema]
14 iced bears - like a dolphin [in the beginning]
josef k - sorry for laughing [entomology]
magic weapon - cloudy people [self titled ep]

barr - song is the single [summary]
japanther - pleased to meet you [dump the body in rikki lake]
mika miko - capricorinations [C.Y.S.L.A.B.F]
the coolies - holiday/vacation [a low hum compilation]
wire - the 15th [154]

ladybird - miranda's couch [LIVE ON GUITAR MEDIA RIGHT NOW OMG]
ladybird - seagull in my wine [LIVE ON GUITAR MEDIA RIGHT NOW OMG]

minisnap - nova [in my pocket]
the crayon fields - do it first [animal bells]
the blow - parenthesis [paper televison]

ladybird - cockroach [LIVE ON GUITAR MEDIA RIGHT NOW OMG]
ladybird - in a sky made out of gold [LIVE ON GUITAR MEDIA RIGHT NOW OMG]

the motifs - every way [dots]
dappled cities fly - fire fire fire [granddance]
uncle jelly fish - out of season [demo]

ladybird - toxic dancehall [LIVE ON GUITAR MEDIA RIGHT NOW OMG]
ladybird - boomerang [LIVE ON GUITAR MEDIA RIGHT NOW OMG]

someone still loves you boris yeltzin- oregon girl [broom]
herman dune - going to everglades [giant]
dinosaur jr. - freak scene [yr living all over me]

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

hello, 2007. playlist 2 jan 2007!!!

1. rusty santos. demon (eternity spans)
2. camera obscura. happy new year (biggest bluest hi-fi)
3. sleeping states. rivers (single)
4. field music. give it lose take it (tones of town)

5. palace bros. i send my love to you (days in the wake)
6. david kilgour. too long from me (the far now)
7. doveman. honey (the acrobat)
8. apostle of hustle. my sword hand's anger (nation anthem of nowhere)
9. do make say think. you, you're awesome (you, you're a history in rust)

10. !!!. sweet life (myth takes)
11. gang of four. guns before butter (entertainment!)
12. BARR. the song is the single (summary)
13. king loser. band on the run (caul of the outlaw)

14. nurse & soldier. green tea (marginalia)
15. the tall firs. don't prey on me (s/t)
16. low. always fade (drums and guns)
17. smog. strawberry rash (julius caesar)

18. of montreal. gronlandic edit (hissing fauna are you the destroyer?)
19. the blow. true affection (paper television)
20. los campesinos! you! me! dancing! (hold on now youngster)
21. blood on the wall. reunite on ice (awesomer)

22. explosions in the sky. catastrophe and the cure (all of a sudden, i miss everyone)
23. jackie o motherfucker. good morning kaptain (flags of the sacred heart)
24. the postmarks. winter spring summer fall (s/t)
25. these new puritans. c16th (now pluvial ep)