Tuesday, October 23, 2007

i live for yr fleeting touch. playlist oct 23

1. ben & bruno. given the attributes (100 grim reapers)

2. graves. grupe park [seldom slumber]
3. begushkin. nightly things [nightly things]
4. orillia opry. shadow shadow [lighthouse for stragglers' eyes]

5. octopus project. queen [hello, avalanche]
6. maritime. for science fiction [heresy and the hotel choir]
7. codeine. barely real [barely real]

8. john maus. too much money [love is real]
9. swervedriver. girl on a motorbike [mezcal head]
10. half cousin. police torch [iodine]
11. white rainbow. waves [prism of eternal now]

12. the tough alliance. a new chance [a new chance]
13. jonquil. pencil, paper [lions]
14. moon + moon. act two [la societe]

15. david thomas broughton & 7 hertz. weight of my love [s/t]
16. golden axe. pumps on prepay [demo?]

17. yeasayer. sunrise [all hour cymbals]
18. phosphorescent. and the swimming [cover]
19. palace bros. come in [glr session 1994]

20. monster bobby. i heard you moved away [gaps]
21. woelv. drapeau blanc [tout seul dans la foret...]
22. math & physics club. do you keep a diary [baby i'm yrs ep]

23. the dead c. bad politics [making losers happy comp.]
24. the coathangers. don't touch my shit [s/t]
25. death sentence: panda. little one vs big one [puppy kitten or both]

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Michael said...

wooo new Woelv?
hey again. still no home.