Tuesday, February 06, 2007

something witty, spelt correctly, suitably ironic

1. Deerhoof, + 81, Friend Opportunity
2. Wire, Reuters, Pink Flag
3. Goblin Cock, Striped Tiger Snaps, Bagged And Boarded
4. Shellac, My Black Ass, At Action Park
5. Q And Not U, A Line In The Sand, No Kill No Beep Beep
6. Dead Kennedys, Too Drunk To Fuck, Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death
7. Bill Callahan, Sycamore, Woke On A Whale Heart
8. J-New, Cosmia From The Block, Yeesh
9. Horsefeathers, Dustbowl, Words Are Dead
10. Chris Bell, I Am The Cosmos, I Am The Cosmos
11. Drones, Shark Fin Blues [Acoustic] Download at www.thedrones.com.au
12. Karen Dalton, Are You Leaving For The Country, In My Own Time
13. Calexico, Quattro World's Drifting, Feast Of Wire
14. The Gin Club, Jim, Fear Of The Sea
15. Panda Bear, Take Pills, Person Pitch
16. Ryan Adams, In My Time Of Need, Heartbreaker
17. Do Make Say Think, In Mind, You, You're A History In Rust
18. Devendra Banhardt, White Reggae Troll/ Africa - Happy BDay Bob!
19. The Dead Science, Cuz She's Me, Bird Bones In The Bug House
20. Elliot Smith, Cupid's Trick, Either/ Or
21. Arcade Fire, Building Downtown (Anti Christ Television Blues), Neon Bible
22. Tim Rogers And The Temperance Union, Rats, Dirty Ron/ Ghost Songs
23. New York Dolls, Looking For A Kiss, New York Dolls
24. Polysics, Plus Chicker, Hey! Bob! My Friend!
25. Deerhunter, Strange Lights, Cryptogram
26. Mastodon, Aqua Dementia, Leviathan

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