Tuesday, January 30, 2007

i don't want for us to take pills anymore. playlist jan 30

1. tiger trap. alien space song (split 7" w henry's dream)
2. jesus & mary chain. darklands (darklands)
3. psapp. tricycle (the only thing i ever wanted)

4. fine arts showcase. chemical girl (radiola)
5. akron/family. mic check (demo)
6. jack hayter. walking (practical wireless)
7. rhinoceros=riot. awkward teenage lovesong (pt.2) (demo)
8. kill surf city. headin inside (demo)

9. brown recluse sings. margot left in bed (black sunday ep)
10. andrew bird. fiery crash (armchair apocrypha)
11. neil young. vampire buff (on the beach)
12. smog. rock bottom riser (a river aint too much to love)

13. panda bear. bros (full 12 mins worrrd) (person pitch)
14. pg six. i've been travelling (slightly sorry)

15. the lemonheads. turnpike down (it's a shame about ray)
16. alec bathgate. happy hound (gold lame)
17. the motifs. races (s/t)
18. sleeping states. planning my escape (there the open spaces)
19. deerhoof. dummy discards a heart (apple o')
20. the white birch. yr spain (come up for air)

21. deerhunter. hazel street (cryptograms)
22. stereolab. orgiastic (peng!)
23. ted leo. sons of cain (living with the living)
24. sun city girls. blue mambo (torch of the mystics)
25. menomena. the pelican (friend and foe)

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