Tuesday, May 01, 2007

and then you smiled for a second. SHOEGAZE SPECIAL

1. catherine wheel. i want to touch you (ferment)
2. yo la tengo. cherry chapstick (and then nothing turned itself inside out)
3. my bloody valentine. strawberry wine (strawberry wine ep)
4. the lassie foundation. crown of the sea (pacifico)

5. the shocking pinks. you can make feel bad (sway cd-r release)
6. radio dept. it's been eight years (lesser matters)
7. boo radleys. spaniard (everything's alright forever)
8. beach house. saltwater (s/t)
9. jesus & mary chain. darklands (darklands)

10. daylight's for the birds. flicker (trouble everywhere)
11. cocteau twins. heaven of las vegas (heaven or las vegas)
12. a sunny day in glasgow. 5:15 train (scriblle mural comic journal)

13. chapterhouse. pearl (whirlpool)
14. slowdive. souvlaki space station (souvlaki)
15. ride. kaleidoscope (nowhere)
16. shocking pinks. secondhand girl (infinity land)
17. galaxie 500. snowstorm (on fire)

18. rocketship. honey, i need you (honey, i need you 7")
19. spacemen 3. walking with jesus (sound of confusion)
20. most serene public. the protagonist suddenly realizes what he must do in the middle of downtown traffic (underwater cinematographer)
21. lush. sweetness & light (gala)

22. my bloody valentine. i only said (loveless)
23. pale saints. sight of you (barging into the presence of god)
24. jesus & mary chain. just like honey (psychocandy)

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