Tuesday, February 27, 2007

we love radio. playlist feb 27

1. hidden cameras. lollipop (awoo)
2. brown recluse sings. calm before the storm (black sunday ep)
3. daniel johnston. walking low (hi how are you?)
4. paper airplanes. fences (boyhood)
5. jordan o'jordan. an old foundry fable (not style nor season nor hard-handed lesson)

6. marnie stern. every single line means something (in advance of the broken arm)
7. ponies in the surf. little boy lost (ponies on fire)
8. the besnard ladies. disaster (are the dark horse)
9. hush arbors. bones by the sea (landscape of bone ep)

10. beirut. elephant gun (lon gisland ep)
11. a hawk and a hacksaw. in the river (the way the wind blows)
12. king kong. orange ocean (buncha beans)
13. the 6ths. city in the rain (wasps nest)

14. fields. feathers (everything last winter) UGGHH SORRY!!!
15. the monks. shut up (black monk time)
16. the evens. minding ones business/you won't feel a thing (s/t)
17. birthglow. fanta (mineral waters ep)
18. sonic youth. teen age riot (daydream nation)

19. japanther. public square (dump the body in rikki lake)
20. !!!. all my heroes are weirdos (myth takes)
21. mt gigantic. blessed be the bicycle (gleanings and gatherings)
22. liars. loose nuts on the velandrome (they threw us in a trench and stuck a monument on top)
23. coughs. life of acne (secret passage)

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Herbie said...

hey nice playlist! i'm in brown recluse sings! email us the info for your station and we'll send you a copy of our cd.

also, nice to see mt. gigantic on there.. they rule! my other band (brrr) is playing two shows with them this weekend.