Wednesday, August 29, 2007

yr sitting next to me reading the paper. playlist aug 28

1. the cay. the company store [don't go out tonight]
2. jens lekman. yr arms around me [night falls over kortedala]
3. broadcast. black cat [tender buttons]
4. m.i.a. paper planes [kala]
5. love letter band. this world is not my home [fear not my brother]

6. bodies of water. i turned my face [ears will pop & eyes will blink]
7. tunng. cans [good arrows]
8. my sad captains. bad decisions [demo]
9. paul baribeau. christmas lights [grand ledge]
10. alaska in winter. staring at the sun [dance party in the balkans]

11. grouper. everyone in turn [tired 7"]
12. les savy fav. patty lee [let's stay friends]
13. psychic tv. lies & then [dunno eh]
14. liars. freak out [s/t]
15. andrew kaffer. the faubian stomp [idol idle]

16. panther. you don't want yr nails done [secret lawns]
17. jay reatard. all over again [night of broken glass]
18. maher shalal hash baz. different daylight [l'autre cap]
19. jens lekman. postcard to nina [night falls over kortedala]
20. beirut. a sunday smile [the flying club cup]

21. liger. utter despair, common misery [split]
22. bearsuit. cherryade [cat spectacular!]
23. phosphorescent. a picture of our torn up praise [pride]
24. tenniscoats. hirei [totemo aimasho]

25. larsen. impro #1 [lever]
26. sunset rubdown. the courtesan has sung [random spirit lover]
27. gay against you. liquorice bloodspot [s/t]


Anonymous said...

The guys at are cooler than you two.

shea said...

hmmm, i dunno. i'm not really into shitty "blues jam mixes" and reading about guitar tablature.