Wednesday, November 30, 2005

let's techno for christmas

the 5th mixtape connection is this friday, the 2nd of december. it starts at 9:30pm this time, runs til late. the venue is capitol bar on hereford st, down the alley. entry is free, and for nothing you can hear music by the likes of...

the human league, the rapture, devo, tom vek, !!!, new order, le tigre, vhs or beta, datarock, franz ferdinand, death from above 1979, bloc party, tom tom club, talking heads, duran duran, gary numan, joy division, the smiths, radio 4, gang of four, the futureheads, the cars, arthur russell, the presets, the faint, maximo park, mu, liquid liquid, sleater-kinney, clap your hands say yeah!, abc, a-ha...etc.

i'll be playing fun danceable stuff (80s synth pop and new wave mainly), missy g and dr hitchcock have more electro leanings while indie slut plays the indie rock. and of course there's special guest wammo, playing the indie exotica and disco pogo. touch it.

it's gonna be a bit fancier this time around. badges are going to be available on the door, there's some pretty decorations that are going to be strung around everywhere. the free mix cd that the first 50 rdunited members will receive upon enty is this time mixed by myself. it's a live recording of my set at the last mixtape gig. there's drink specials at the bar, too. see you there.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

(do not feed the) oyster [playlist 29/11/05]

okay, so here's the plan for guitar media this december:

8/12: top 10 albums of 2005 - tim and richard pick their favourite records in the truest manifestation of indie geekdom.
15/12: top 10 songs of 2005 - a little more difficult, but a little thought is good once in a while.
22/12: a country christmas: alt-country special - no richard but tim will play the greatest alt-country. finally, a time for some unabashed tim rogers/ryan adams luuurrve.
29/12: preview of the foreseable future: the best advances and albums available on the net that are due for release in 2006. it's so like indie and sheeit.

anyway, this is tonight. here's the playlist...

1. death from above 1979 - better of dead (le peste cover) [romance bloody romance]

hehe. pitchfork makes it fun to like this remixes and covers album. 0.5/10! i mean, really. that's less than ryan adams' rock n roll. it'll be interesting to see how this next one is received. what a crazy covers album. by the way, bonnie "prince" billy is hitting our shores this feburary. he's playing creation on the 16th or 18th of february or thereabouts. tickets cost around $35. yeah!!!

2. bonnie "prince" billy & tortoise - daniel (elton john cover) [the brave & bold]
3. panda bear - i'm not [i'm not comfy in nautica single]
4. odawas - if it smells like a raincloud [the aether eater]

more high quality stuff from jagjaguwar records. sounds scarily like the phoenix foundation, though. not a bad thing, i might add. spacey, synthy goodness. mmm...synths.

5. mazarin - new american apathy [we're already there]
6. the drones - shark fin blues [wait long by the river and the bodies of your enemies will float by
6. film school - pitfalls [film school]
7. akron/family - dylan pt 2 [angels of light/akron/family]
8. the joggers - wicked light sleeper [with cape & cane]
9. the lemonheads - rudderless [it's a shame about ray]
10. belle & sebastian - another sunny day [the life pusuit] (hot! from the matador records site)
11. black tamborine - for ex-lovers only [complete recordings]
12. wilco - jesus etc. [kicking television]
13. cat power - the greatest [the greatest]
14. isobel campbell & mark lanegan - (do you wanna) come walk with me [ballad of the broken seas]

that's isobel campbell from belle & sebastian and mark lanegan from the screaming trees and queens of the stone age, not to mention twlight singers. he's very prolific...lots of solo stuff coming out.

15. the new pornographers - use it [twin cinema]
16. fence - locked up [the woolf]
17. oneida - did i die [the wedding]
18. death from above 1979 - yr lovely (but you've got problems) [romance bloody romance]
19. test-icicles - what's in the box? [for screening purposes only]
20. blood on the wall - reunite on ice [awesomer]
20. lightning bolt - birdy [hypermagic mountain]
21. herman dune - seven cities [not on top]
22. tim rogers - stray dog blues [spit polish]
23. yo la tengo - stockholm syndrome [i can hear the heart beating as one]
24. the unicorns - (i was born) a unicorn [who will cut our hair when we're gone?]

Sunday, November 27, 2005

i'm not comfy in nautica

it was a blast on friday night at creation for the a low hum gig. i went to the 10:30, r18 show. i arrived at a bit after midnight to the second half teenwolf's set. it sure was wild, and basically what i expected, if not a little more raucous. and what i was expecting was a fun, danceable style of new-wave/indie-rock/spaz rock. haha, genres. fun is the main ingredient with teenwolf, though. unabashed energy seemed to come naturally to them, and so too, for so so modern. also inherent was a sense of dress - they had matching fluoroscent hoodies (which one of their mum's sewed them, though?) that seemed appropriate for the blast of neon love that came in with their style of spaztic, liars-esque dance-punk. shit, they reminded me so much of single frame that i was convinced (in my then slightly drunken state) so so modern were not only as polished as an indie band like these mentioned two american groups, but were in fact the saviours of new zealand music. am i wrong? probably. but they were pretty good, and i wasn't the only one dancing the electric wookie.

all in all it was a great night, even if the turnout was somewhat disapointing (to me, anyway - i would've hoped more christchurch folk that like good music would've been there). if you were there, then you'll probably appreciate this track up for download. i'll be playing a few cuts from this new death from above 1979 remix album, romance bloody romance at this week's mixtape connection volume 5. it's free at capitol bar on friday the 2nd - more news on that later, but you should definitley come if you like any of the dancier stuff we play on guitar media, or if yr a sucker (like me) for the 80s synth-pop classics, of which i tend to play a lot. anyway, mstrkrft have been busy doing remixes lately, and there are two more available at banana nutrament. don't listen to pitchfork (lol!), this is the wicked shit.

death from above 1979 - sexy results (mstrkrft remix).mp3

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

dance the electric wookie

hey you probably know this already cos yr cool but these really indie bands right they're playing at creation this friday. it's good because the young indies can go early from 7pm-10pm and be home in time for the OC (they miss america's next top model, though - suckers). but that's actually really good because it sucks not being able to go to gigs when yr under 18. then at 10:30 the old indies can go and dance or just be serious til the wee hours. by the way the bands are called so so modern and teenwolf, with support from christchurch's house of dolls (yay!). good on you, blink, for organising this gig. i'm pleased.

also i think there's a bit of a shindig at mainstreet this friday too. i'm not sure though maybe ask wammo ok thx bye

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

nothing is true and everything is permitted. 22/11 playlist

hello to all in the virtualworld.we have adele from bFM in the studio so be nice. that's more for me than you.

1. stereolab. the noise of carpet. emperor tomato ketchup.
2. the drones. shark fin blues. wait long by the rinver and the bodies of your enemies will float by.
3. calvin johnson. rabbit blood. before the dream faded.
4. p:ano. t-hatch says "round every corner". ghost pirates without heads.
5. badly drawn boy. stone on the water. the hour of the bewilderbeast.
6. comet gain. just one summer before i go. city fallen leaves.
7. clientele. untitled #2. strange live bootleg calledit's art dad.
8. i'm from barcelona. we're from barcelona. sing! with i'm from barcelona EP.
9. calexico. iron + wine. history of lovers. in the reigns.
10. cat power. the moon. the greatest.
11. hello saferide. get sick soon. introducing... hello saferide.
12. bonnie "prince" billy. o let it be. southwest - live album.
13. love is all. spinning and scratch. 9 times that same song.
14. telefauna. put yourhands together for the offbeat. s/r.
15. messer chups. mobile coffin. vamp babes.
16. go go go airhart. shake it off.
17. the strokes. razor blade. first impressions of earth. jan 9 06.
18. spinto band. oh mandy. nice and nicely done.
19. tiny amps. dance on a crowded floors. thrill and swagger.
20. the amps. mom's drunk. pacer.
21. jens lekman. a sweet summer's night on hammer hill. oh you're so silent.
22. devendra banhart doing antony and the johnsons. mmm. you'll never get this unless you download it. fistful of love. from believer mag free cd.
23. explosions in the sky. day five. the rescue.
24. goldrush. wait for the goldrush. ozona.
25. sunset rubdown. i'll believe in anything you'll believe in anything. snake's gotta leg.
26. the movies. peck the chick. american oil.
27. the wyrd sisters (c) - jarvis cocker + members of radiohead/ relaxed muscle. harry potter & the goblet of fire.
28. yo la tengo. upside down. generic nyc album.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

lighting up with the joint - playlist saturday 19/11/05

1. Koushik, Be With [Be With] - Instrumental Hip Hop
2. Pulse, Who Made Who [Download] - Electro
3. Presets, Kitty In The Middle [Beams] - Electronica
4. Boom Bip, Do's and Dont's w/ Gruff Rhys [Blue Eued In The Red Room] - Downbeat

the gawdamn ads.

5. B Fleischmann, Static Grate [The Humbucking Coil]
6. Stochastic, You Catch/ Toss [Geek Beats] - download from - Geek Beat
7. Data Rock, Computer Camp Love [Datarock Datarock]
8. Goyte, A Distinctive Sound" [download from]

9. Edan, Beauty [Beauty & The Beat]
10. Cage, Scenester [Hell's Winter]
11. Oh No - The Ride feat. Med [The Disrupt]
12. Slug & Murs - Early Morning Tony [Felt 2 - A Tribute to Lisa Bonet]
13. Dangerdoom - El Chupa Nibre [The Mouse and the Mask]
14. Ghostface - Be easy (produced by Pete Rock) [Fishscale]

15. The Phoenix Foundation - Damn the River [Pegasus]
16. The Sea Urchins - Summershine [Stardust]
17. The Clientele - Elm Grove Window [It's Art, Dad]
18. Kiss Me Deadly - Let's [Misty Medley]
19. Bumblebeez 81 - Vila Attack (M83 Remix) [Remixed]

20. Colder, To The Music [Heat]
21. Panthers, Thank Me With Your Hands (MSTRKRFT remix - Death From Above), [Download]
22. Cut Copy - Saturdays [Bright Like Neon Love]
23. Black Dice - Smiling Off (DFA Remix) [Smiling Off Single]

24. Mommy and Daddy - Pretty Loser [Duel at Dawn]
25. Wolf Parade - It's a Curse [Apologies to the Queen Mary]
26. The Test Icicles - What's in the Box? [For Screening Purposes Only]
27. Neon Blonde - The Future is a Mesh Stallion [Chandeliers in the Savannah]

28. Cat Power - The Greatest [The Greatest]
29. Vashti Bunyan - Here Before [Lookeraftering]
30. Tim Rogers - Riding Between My Place and Yours [Ghost Songs]

31. Matias Aguayo - Radiotaxi [Are You Really Lost]
32. Phon.o - Bluehende Lanschaften [Burn Down The House]
33. Jackson And His Computer Band - Rock On [Smash]
34. Spank Rock - Put That P**sy On Me [Download - Album Out Soon On Big Dada]
35. Corporeal - Broadcast [Tender Buttons]

36. Dj Shadow, Extract from Funky Skunk Album... online now or rare purchase from Shadow's website

Thanks kids, it's been fun. Will edit this later to add links to some trax!

Timmy Dodgers + Richard MF

Friday, November 18, 2005

you had a dream they called you king of all the hipsters


This is Shea here, the guitar media protege. If you ever hear some incomprehensible mumbling in the background during a show, it's probably me. heh.
So anyway, I've been asked to occasionally post stuff on the blog. I've been meaning to for ages, but wanted to wait until I had something worthwhile, and after weeks of preparation, i finally do.

You might've read on the comments section a couple of weeks ago that richard and i were making mixtapes for summer. That's right, old-skool mixtapes with the tracklisting written in blue biro on the back, and possibly a twee illustration. (if you're getting a professional one that is)
I started on one ages ago, and i've been continuously changing it since. but last night, when i probably should've been studying history or something, i started from scratch and i think i've finally made one that works. it's mostly summery indiepop with some twee and fuzzy rock thrown in for variety. I've been listening to it all this morning and it certainly goes with the clear skies and warm weather.
So anyway, here it is:

Side A:
The Fiery Furnaces – Tropical Ice-Land [EP]
Apples in Stereo – Stream Running Over [The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone]
Tullycraft – Twee [Beat, Surf, Fun]
Clor – Good Stuff [Clor]
Envelopes – Sister in Love [Demon]
Architecture in Helsinki – Do The Whirlwind [Incase We Die]
The Bats – Calm Before the Storm [Daddy’s Highway]
Rocketship – Hey, Hey, Girl [Hey, Hey Girl 7”]
The Ladybug Transistor – The Swimmer [The Albemarle Sound]
Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Honeymoon With You [How I Long to Feel That Summer in My Heart]
Stephen Malkmus – Freeze The Saints [Face The Truth]


Side B:
The Cure – To The Sky [Join The Dots: B-Sides & Rarities]
Art Brut – Good Weekend [Bang Bang Rock & Roll]
Jesus & Mary Chain – I Love Rock & Roll [Munki]
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! – Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood [Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!]
Phoenix Foundation – Going Fishing [Horse Power]
63 Crayons – Rocketship [Good People]
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names – Seems To Be On My Mind [#3]
Math & Physics Club – Weekends Away [Weekends Away EP]
The Field Mice – If You Need Someone [Where’d You Learn To Kiss That Way?]
Simon & Garfunkel – The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) [Tales of New York]
Yo La Tengo – How To Make a Baby Elephant Float [Summer Sun]

When my exams are over I'm thinking about buying heaps of cassettes, and posting them out to anyone that wants them. Or if you download music, you could probably just make it yourself.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

frenzied handsome, hello!

the undercurrents are playing this saturday night, at the dux. nothing out of the ordinary there, then - they're bound to be playing loads of shows now that they've won the snazzy roundup band competition title. on the night i'll be spinning some tunes before and after the band plays, and so will bill from rdu show human pleasure at hourly rates. i'll be playing a lot of stuff from guitar media, mostly indie-rock/pop, post-punk and perhaps some freak-folk. probably fairly laid back stuff, unless people want to dance or anything. then i'll crack out the dancehall bangers. do come along. the undercurrents are a first class band, and bill and i will be playing some interesting music.

also, tim and i will be hosting the joint this saturday. it's from 12-3pm on rdu 98.5fm. it's a john peel sort of show (in a loose sense), in that we can play anything we fancy. we're not simply confined to music of the six-string variety. expect lots of hip hop (indie hip hop, of course. haha.), idm, electronica, heaps of wellington dub, and of course the indie rock and roll. i'm a little worried about it, considering the fine job that fraserhead and herbwhisperer usually do.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

that ain't no god, it's just a hedge on fire [playlist 15/11/05]

tim's absent this week just as i was last week. i don't think he's in kaikoura, though. let's kick it off with something geeky:

1. the advantage - batman-stage 1 [elf-titled]
2. the joggers - we've been talked down [with cape and cane]
3. giant drag - this isn't it [hearts and unicorns]
4. kiss me deadly - let's [misty medley]
5. the movies - timothy james [american oil]
6. deerhoof - running thoughts [the runners four]

deerhoof are rumoured (totally unsubstantiatedly) to be playing canterbury university orientation in 2006. they're definitley playing in auckland, though, and probably wellington too. there's an interesting list of theirs up at pitchforkmedia here.

7. rocketship - yr new boyfriend [a certain smile, a certain sadness - japanese version]
8. pony up! - matthew modine [pony up! ep]
9. the sea urchins - yr so much [stardust]
10. glo-worm - downtown [glimmer]

oh, all this glowing indie pop. listened to a lot of this on my holiday in kaikoura last week. such sunny weather! bad news for power supplies, though. ah, nothing better than talking about the weather. or writing about the weather. it's a canterbury thing...

11. the young tradition - california morning [northern drive]
12. ris paul ric - purple blaze [purple blaze]

that's the vocalist/guitarist from q and not u. so quite a dramatic departure, then, considering the post-punk, cacaphonic stylings of his band. it works suprisingly well.

13. the wrens - track 2 [the meadowlands]
14. cat power - the moon [the greatest]

that new cat power is being eagerly anticipated everywhere i'm sure. it's pretty good. what an intruiging character - i want to see a concert of hers. bound to be at least a little bit insane. continuing with the female singer/songwriter eclecticisms, thanks to the listener who emailed us with the following recommendation. she's vic chesnutt's neice. this is an interesting duet.

15. vic chesnutt and liz durrett - somewhere ["somewhere" - west end story compilation]
16. tortoise and bonnie "prince" billy - that's pep (devo cover) [the brave and the bold]

elsewhere on the album (it's all covers) tthis odd pairing set about covering bruce springsteen, the minutemen, lungfish, don williams, and elton john. fortunatly, it all works pretty well. it's going to be interesting how it's received critically, though. i'm just a sucker for devo.

17. biirdie - you've got darkness [morning kills the dark]
18. wolfie - i know i know i know [awful mess mystery]
19. honeybunch - hey blue sky [time trials: 1987-1995]

for fans of the lucksmiths, apparently. i can see why - wussy twee songs about girls and literate romance. kinda like the next band, although a little later on. "emma's house" is probably the best song on this two-disc compilation. perfect for any mixtape.

20. the field mice - emma's house [where'd you learn to kiss that way]
21. spearmint - a happy ending [my missing days]
22. ten words for sno - d-na [d-na]
23. the gerbils - sunshine soul [are you sleepy]

thanks to hat, rdu's station manager, for the recommendation of the gerbils. they're in a very similar vein to bands like the olivia tremor control, of montreal, apples in stereo etc. - all those great elephant 6 bands.

24. clearlake - finally free [amber]
25. p:ano - leave me with the boy [brigadoon]

time to get into rockier terrain, after the wuss-fest that was the show so far. sorry! all this sunny weather and all i can listen to is sweet twee pop. here's some more rockin stuff.

26. parlour - such (a one year stem) [hives fives ep]
27. head wound city - prick class [head wound city ep]

you've gotta love press releases. here's what head wound city's one says:

"welcome to head wound city, now die alone in the street, skull crushed flat by the bumper of that yellow cab you didn't see coming - the one with the wheels made of cyanide laced donuts, and gg allin's grinning ghost grinding the gears. jordan does the singing"

that's jordan from the blood brothers. he's joined by a yeah yeah yeahs member, and also someone from post-hardcore band the locust. scary.

28. the plastic constellations - sancho panza [crusades]
29. the mendoza line - golden boy (torture in the shed) [full of light and full of fire]
30. mommy and daddy - way west way [duel at dawn]
31. the chalets - kiss chasing [nightrock ep]

Sunday, November 13, 2005

since yr already up

on a rainy sunday afternoon made quite beautiful by cat power's new album, the greatest, i don't have a whole lot to post, really. no new reviews or articles or anything extra-exciting to report. i did catch the joint (a super-cool show on rdu 98.5fm) on saturday from 3-5pm, though, after getting back from a few days in kaikoura (nice place, by the way - especially in such sunny weather). the chaps fraserhead and herbwhisperer were talking about the guitar media show - in particular, the giant drag album that i've been thrashing. it's called hearts and unicorns. i don't think i've actually played any on the show yet but it's over there (see? on the right) on the recommended listening section. it's pretty cool. will play some more this week, but there's a good write up about a recent gig in the states on fluxblog. and also, a track for you to download:

giant drag - this isn't it.mp3

also on this weeks show will be new music from the clientele's new tour record, it's art, dad, new bonnie "prince" billy with tortoise from their fourthcoming covers album, the brave and the bold, other unreleased stuff from the mendoza line, ten words for sno, ris paul ric(q and not u vocalist new project), clearlake, the advantage, head wound city (members of the locust and the yeah yeah yeahs), winter pils, as well as new cat power and new sun kil moon. it's gonna be a wild night.

don't forget about the low hum gig on in a few weeks, as well as the fifth mixtape connection, which is on the 2nd of december. plenty of indie hot love for you. more news on that later, though.

Friday, November 11, 2005

i've overmarried... steve earle + dukes/ alison moorer, live

so after having the 5th ticket to see him last time and being denied by the greedheads that constituted the Civic (home of the greatest fire rating in CHCH), I finally saw Mr Earl last night at the James Hay theatre. I will try and form a more coherent review later but these impressions, whilst my ringing ears are fresh, may suffice.

moorer opened the show, the pretty gurl with an acoustic guitar routine, and played some pleasant, if not somewhat bland, songs. her voice, however, was outstanding, and it is very possible that with a few more years under her hat she could deliver something outstanding... but for now I'd take a Lucinda Williams (or even Kathleen Edwards) CD over anything I heard from her (which may say more about my inclination towards the gritter side of the tracks than anything). special mention must be made however of her searing version of Carrickfergus (of which Van Morrison and the Chieftans did a sublime version on Irish Heartbeat), with eare on mandolin... there's something brilliant when traditional irish meets nashville and reminded me of bap kennedy's domestic blues, a wonderful irish/americana gem that earle produced.

earle was a pretty dynamic, if ramshackle, frontman who brought all guns blazing to the stage. amerika v6.0 was pretty dynamic, and there were plentiful highlights (guitar town, even - god forbid - copperhead road, but harlem man was up there as was many of the tracks off jerusalem), but more often than not arle was hampered by a sound mix that was as murky as american foreign policy. the guitars were too loud, earle's predisposition to mubly/ talk got lost in the mix, and I felt sorry for those who didn;t know the words as you wouldn't have been able to make out more than 20 all night...

throw in some heartfelt between song banter about the US, and NZ, with a dedication of the show to Rod Donald, and you walked away feeling that you'd seen steve earle in fine, beligerent form. And certainly when he dropped the electric for the acoustic and brought (new wife) alision moorer on stage to sing with him the band sounded as good as any I've heard.

but once again i'm left despairing over the shit quality of Christchurch venues. we need them to get these artists to come down, but i'm not sure how many people would want to step foot in the james hay again after last night's fisher and price my first sound desk mix.

enjoy the long weekend,

timmy d

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

strap on your ear goggles and you're ready to go - the postrawk special

hello all. richard's away in kaikoura chilling like bob dylan's subterranean homesick villians. but i, sir timothy dodgers esq 13th, and shea the indie kid are hereto bring you a night of predominantly instrumental audio sauce, what I like to call symphonic violence, but whatsome would call post rawk.

like the LMFAP said, that gum you like is coming back in style. let's rock...

1. Tortoise, Seneca (Standards)
2. Slint, Nosferatu Man (Spiderland)
3. (snippet) Hangedup, Powered By Steam (Constellation:Music Until Now)
4. Cluster, Hollywood (?)

some strange dreambreakers... pay thosebills and sell that coke jack white

5. Neu, Hallogallo (Neu! - 1972)

After leaving Kraftwerk Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother formed Neu! to extend their musical boundaries... and ended up being one of the greatest influences on Kraftwerk's "Autobahn" album... classic and timeless in it's simplicity.

Then on to Krautrawk's other genius standardbearers...

6. Can, Soup (Ege Bamyasi)
7. Sigur Ros, untitled ()
8. Bell Orchestre, Les Lumieres Pt 2 (Recording A Tape The Colour Of Light)
9. A Silver Mount Zion, Sit In The Middle Of Three Galloping Dogs (

the ads the ads the ads.

10. Pelican, Last Day Of Winter (The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw)
11. Dirty Three, I Remember A Time When You Used To Love Me (Horse Stories)
12. Spiritualized, I Think That I'm In Love (Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space)

hey would you like tomake your smile whiter? do you have an empty feeling inside that you;d like to fill by going to a drum'n'bass party??? etcetc

13. Mogwai, Kappa (Come On Die Young)
14. Godspeed You Black Emperor, Storm 1 (Levez Vos Skinny Fists...) - edit

15. Explosions In The Sky, Look Into The Air (How Strange Innocence)
16. Do Make Say Think, The Landlord Is Dead (Constellation...)
17. As much of the Diamond Sea by SOnic Youth as I Can fit!

thank you and gawdnight

timmy d

Sunday, November 06, 2005

the brunettes - when ice met cream [ep review]

[Lil’ Chief, 2005]

Fresh from tours with big-name US indie-pop bands The Shins and Rilo Kiley, New Zealand band The Brunettes are back with even more quirky and romantic material. It’s all sweet, bubblegum indie-pop with the usual irony and hints of sardonic wit that were more evident on Mars Loves Venus than the pure sugar-coated Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks. Retrospective to various degrees (mainly 50s and 60s), this six-track EP shows the Brunette’s sound evolving into something more mature, even if their shtick is fundamentally young and playful. The boy/girl dynamics are terrific as usual – Heather Mansfield’s voice is beautiful and works well with Jonathan Bree’s. Another great record for this summer’s soirees.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

you are full of shit (check out my sweet riffs) - [playlist 1/11/05]

it's really windy outside and everythings a bit askew. i have an exam tomorow afternoon - my last ever! yay it's finally yay.

1. black tamborine - for ex-lovers only [complete recordings]
2. the jesus and mary chain - just like honey [psycho candy]
3. the lassie foundation - come on, let your lime light shine [pacifico]
4. the detroit cobras - ya ya ya [seven easy pieces]

you can download this next track at said the gramophone. click on the song to go right to the download. i think this is a really superb reworking. been posting a few covers on the blog lately but this is definitly the best of the lot. gosh i love that most serene republic album.

5. stars - ageless beauty (the most serene republic remix)

6. the skygreen leopards - clouds through the sparrow's eyes [life & love in sparrow's meadow]
7. the young tradition - gone are the days [northern drive]
8. the handsome family - down in the valley of hollow logs [through the trees]

this playlist is shaping out interestingly. or just two-dimensional - it's indie-pop vs country. the battle is on!

9. cub - cast a shadow [betti-cola]
10. steve earle - ? [live album]

he's kind of like bill hicks, says tim: very left wing, very literate, very quick. tim also says he really must get his arse into gear and get tickets for this coming concert. time for richard's twee megamix. this summer's gonna be filled to the brim with mixtapes. and that means real tapes - casettes. none of this cd business.

11. heavenly - so little deserve [le jardin de heavenly]
12. honeybunch - hey blue sky [time trials 1987-1997]
13. another sunny day - the centre of the world [london weekend]

if you haven't ever listened to the next two bands, make sure you do - they're pretty seminal as far as a lot of indie rock goes these days. grandaddy have pretty much done their dash, though, i think. their new ep really is terrible. all the other material is worth getting. sparklehorse, another d.i.y. indie act of the 90s really were the biggest reason for my getting into indie-rock and stuff like that. thanks!

14. grandaddy - summer here kids [under the western freeway]
15. sparklehorse - hammering the cramps [viva dixie submarine transmission plot]
16. wolfie - hey it's finally yay [awful mess mystery]
17. spoon - merchants of soul [gimme fiction]

i <3 spoon. i <3 handclaps. i <3 writing i <3s.

18. the bank holidays - she's not into love [day for night]
19. the new pornographers - the jessica numbers [twin cinema]

this track's name sounds like it should be a sitcom, like the O.C.. or maybe just a band on the O.C. been catching lots of sitcoms on TV lately. the next band feature members from the pornographers, not too sure who though. i think it's the female vocalist. who knows - these crazy canadians. all their bands have too many members - look at the arcade fire, broken social scene...

20. immaculate machine - broken ship [ones and zeros]
21. dirty three - great waves [cinder]

ooh, cat power on the vocals here. check out this article for an interesting hint towards some feminist issues in indie rock, but some utter fucking bullshit words about devendra banhart. skip the first part of the article - this brent dicrescenzo guy really is a terrible writer. remember kids - just because pitchfork sez it doesn't mean it's true.

22. gravenhurst - velvet cell [fires in distant buildings]
23. explosions in the sky - yr hand in mine [the earth is not a cold dead place]

listen to guitar media soon for a preview of this post rock band's turn at the temporary residence series "travel in constants". not next week but the week after, cos i'll be away in sunny kaikoura. hehe. and i'll be listening to stuff like this next one:

24. the scotland yard gospel choir - ellen's telling me what i want to hear [i bet you say that to all the boys]
25. tim rogers - kalgoorlie [dirty ron/ghost songs]
26. acid house kings - a long term plan [sing along with the acid house kings]