Tuesday, May 15, 2007

if i was a horse i would throw up the reins. playlist may 15

1. colleen. sun against my eyes (les ondes silencieuses)
2. popolice. middle ground (middle ground ep)
3. pj harvey. rid of me (four track demos)
4. video hippos. tooth sub (unbeast the leash)
5. man or astroman. reverb 10000 (destroy all astromen)

6. teenage symphony. lucky (demo)
7. the blow. knowing the things i know (poor aim: love songs)
8. frase+bri. shoegazer sweat (live at the dux de lux)
9. suicide. cheree (s/t)
10. the mendoza line. aspect of an old maid (30 year low outtake)

11. the nudie suits. (dancing like a) huxtable (songbook)
12 . woodpigeon. take the hint kid (songbook)
13. jana hunter. sleep (theres no home)
14. yacht. i believe in you (i believe in you. yr magic is real)

15. dan deacon. crystal cat (spiderman of the rings)
16. early songs. long distance learning (wind wound)
17. david thomas broughton. nature (it's in there somewhere)
18. alps. LGOMWOCT (alps of new south wales)

19. bob dylan. ballad of the free man (bootleg series 1966)
20. santa dads. the lion song (amina mundi)
21. pumice. sunshine on leitch (demo)

22. frog eyes. bushels (tears of the valecdictorian)
23. skeletons & the kings of all cities. what they said (lucas)
24. liars. we got cold coughed & forgot things (we no longer knew who we were ep)

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