Tuesday, February 28, 2006

another night without end, and how many cigarettes make yr teeth go yellow?

rescuing a show from the jaws of death since 2000...

tonight's bed music is from the idiot box soundtrack, featuring none other than my fave's you am i!

1. tigerarmy, swift silent deadly (III: ghost tigers rise, 2004)
2. rogers sisters, the light (the invisible deck, 2006)
3. clogs, 2:3:5 (lantern, 2006)
4. beirut, postcards from italy (gulag orkestar, 2006)
5. man man, english bwudd (six demon bag, 2006)
6. calexico, letter to bowie knife (the garden, 2006)
7. quiet poem - idiot box soundtrack
8. neko case, fox confessor brings the flood (fox confessor brings the flood, 2006)
10. morrissey, i will see you in far off places (ringleader of the tormentors, 2006)
11. fiery furnaces, police sweater blood vow (bitter tea, 2006)
12. the concretes, change in the weather (in colour, 2006)
13. jason collett, hangover days (idols of exile, 2006)
14. voxtrot, the start of something (raised by wolves ep, 2005)
15. parts & labor, a great divide (stay afraid, 2006)
16. they shoot horses don't they, empty head (boo hoo hoo boo, 2006)
17. liars, drum and the uncomfortable can (drum's not dead, 2006)
18. band of horses, the funeral (everything all the time, 2006)
19. flaming lips, free radicals (at war with the mystics, 2006)
20. the go(at)! team, the wrath of mikey (ladyflash single, 2006)
21. pub poem - idiot box ost
22. pink mountaintops- new drug queens (axis of evol, 2006)
23. the advantage, megaman 2 stage select + metalman (elf-titled, 2006)
24. ghost buffalo, hell here (mp3 blog!)
25. the ladies, and them (they mean us, 2006)
26. the black angels, black grease (black angels ep, 2005)
27. the essex green, don't know why (you stay) (cannibal sea, 2006)
28. you am i, wally raffles (hourly, daily, 1997)


timmy d
sheamus illaneous

Saturday, February 25, 2006

dodgers' rolling with the joint

hey all. i'm rolling with the joint today for full spectrum madness.

hip hop + beats
1. the streets, when you wasn't famous (pre-release)
2. munk + james murphy, kick out the chairs
3. aceyalone + rjd2, disconnected (magnificeint city)
4. dliated peoples, you can't hide you can't run (20/20)

5. fiery furnaces, police sweater blood vow (bitter tea)
6. loose fur, the ruling class (born again in the usa)
7. mark ronson (feat. alex greenwald), just (exit music: songs with radio heads)
8. flaming lips, it overtakes me... do i stand a chance (at war with the mystics)

9. m83, don;t save us from the flames
10. skeleton girls + git face boys, fit black man (idoltryouts 2)
11. his name is alive, seven minutes in heaven (detrola)
12. the knife, we share our mother's health
13. liars, let's not wrestle mr heart attack
14. nathan fake, charlie's house

uk soundz
15. low deep, get set (run the road vol. 2)
16. trimbal, they gave an inch (run the road vol. 2)
17. lady sovereign, a little bit of shh! (adrock remix)
18. tayo, wildlife dub

19. black angels, black grease
20. they shoot horses dont't they, lowlife (boo hoo hoo boo)
21. calexico, luckey dime (garden ruin)
22. gogol bordello,oh no (gypsy punks underdog world strike...)
23. swearing at motorists, northern line (last night becomes this morning)
24. the ark, rock city wankers (the ark)

yip blop
25. yeah yeah yeahs, gold lion (diplo remix)
26. jel, thrashin' (soft money)
27. eliot lipp, rap tight
28. holy fuck, casio bossa nova
29. my robot friend, swallow

diss trax/ hater playerz
30. mf grimm, bookof daniel (mf doom diss)
31. cam'ron, you gotta love it (jay-z diss)

2 x timmy dodgers' certified classics
32. the drones, baby2 (wait long by the river...)
33. tim rogers,paperboy (ghost songs)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Tonight Guitar Media will be at Cloud 9 broadcasting from 9-11 and you can come down and shake yr funky ass with us... it's live radio, live-er!

And we will be playing new tracks from THE FLAMING LIPS, CALEXICO, NEKO CASE, and THE LIARS! All super exclusive baby, all months prior to release because we love you!

Be there if you have the inclination...
Timmy Dodgers.

Friday, February 17, 2006

flaming lips and calexico... this tuesday

just a reminder that we have the new calexico and flaming lips albums to play on the upcoming guitar media - broadcasting live from orientation I believe so should be a big night!

i'll post reviews this weekend all going to plan but let me say that the flaming lips is sensational, a true synthesis of soft bulletin and yoshimi, with enough new ideas to turn yr mind outside in. calexico do not disappoint either, with a sensational soundtrack to those midnight border runs...

remember you can email us any goss/ info and we'll endeavour to answer all enquiries and requests so if you gots the time, we've got the inclination.

keep on rockin' the the "free" world,

timmy dodgers

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

it's... it's alive! the realtime special 14/2

sorry we're late but hopefully it's worth the wait... the live special.
happy valentine's day you sexy beasts.

1. bonnie prince billy. death to everyone. summer in the southeast.
2. arcade fire. neighbourhood 2 (laika). the white session.

3. Steve Earle and Townes Van Zandt. Valentine's Day.
4. Neil Young. Cinnamon Girl. Live Rust.

5. elliott smith. needle in the hay. bootleg.
6. neutral milk hotel. ferris wheel on fire. live in san fran 1998 bootleg/

7. nirvana. smells like teen spit. live bootleg. (sorry)
8. joy division. shadowplay. les bains douches.

9. yo la tengo & jon spencer blues explosion. twentieth century boy (t-rex cover).
10. talking heads. drugs (electricity). the nem of this band is talking heads.

11. radiohead. nobody does it better (carly simon cover). bootleg.
12. morrissey. bigmouth strikes again. live at earl's court.

13. iggy pop. loose (live @ feile festival 23/8/93). a million in prizes.
14. jeff buckley. kick out the jams (mc5 cover). live at l'olympia.

15. belle & sebastian. seymour stein. live bbc 96-97.
16. bright eyes. when the president talks to god. motion sickness.

17. the advantage. megaman, wiley. live @ the ramp, berkley 2003.
18. white stripes. jolene. bootleg.

19. you am i. live with me (rolling stones cover). radio settee - live @ the wireless.
20. sebadoh. the worst ever live version of skull - here

21. nick cave. red right hand. live at royal albert hall.
22. suburban kids with biblical names. rent a wreck. lie @ emmabodenfestivalen 2004

23. sigur ros. glosoli. live bootleg from official site.
24. brian wilson. god only knows. pet sounds live.

thanks and goodnight.
shea and timmy dodgers.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

death to everyone is going to come. live review - bonnie prince billy @ creation

bonnie "prince" billy @ creation
(w/ the undercurrents)

so what to expect when one of indiedom's royalty visits the fair garden city? a long time purveyor of darkly seductive appalachia/ folk/ alt country under his bonnie "prince" billy moniker, will oldham has traversed many styles under various guises (and with many collaborators), with the recurrent theme being dark shadows lingering just under the often beautifully arranged surfaces of his songs. that, and gallows humour, with oldham having a fine appreciation of the camus-type absurdity of this bag of skin we carry through life and call self.

and as the opening strains of "nomadic revery (all around)" rang through the church hall stylings of the incredibly hot creation venue (and perhaps a small invention called air conditioning would have been nice, folks) it was obvious that menace and glee were to be the order of the night. backed by a sublimely telepathic band (that only formed three days before the tour, and featured dirty 3's mick – himself a certified genius - on keyboard duty) oldham cajoled, jumped, howled, whispered and screamed, as if channeling the savage ghosts of the murder ballads he seems so fond of. and with the gorgeous camilla thompson (daughter of the esteemed folkies richard and linda) as his vocal foil, i wasn’t sure if i was watching nancy and lee, gillian and ryan, or emmylou and gram - but when they hit those notes together my spine turned to rust... if they don't make an album together then the worse for the world.

as the band struggled through the noisy crowd (and why would you pay $40 to come to a show just to talk about power point presentations?), bureaucracy (would there be an encore?) and the unfamiliarity of the group, they constantly produced moments of sheer beauty and intensity. playing a range of billy tracks, but also some of his palace material (with a wonderful rendition of “riding” which lou barlow played on cd before his creation show nearly two years ago I recall), including “new partner”, a menacing “death to everyone”, “another day full of dread”, and a haunting “you will miss me when I burn”, the band consistently transcended the humility of the venue– it was as good a show as you will ever be blessed to see. and after a show that must have run near the two hour mark (but then again i didn’t wear a watch so i could be a liar) Oldham lived up to his enigmatic and contradictory bpb persona – both acquiescing to a request for “wolf amongst wolves” but delivering a new orleans carnival version of the (on record) tender and touching ballad - both maddeningly frustrating, but also undeniably amusing and surprisingly apt – i couldn’t help but think of that zimmerman cat as bpb consistently reinterpreted his own material, seemingly on the spot.

on a positive note the sound was better than great (compared to the many other possible venues for a show like this in chch) and the fact that it sold out may lead to similar shows in the future. what remains with me this morning after is a newfound desire to listen to bpb all over again – to experience that phenomenal voice that comes from such a surprisingly small frame (clothed in a pink shirt, shorts, and a baseball cap which was peculiar to say the least); to share that monumental vision that faces down man’s worst fears and desires and hammers them into song; to listen to the dirty 3 more often (a band that support act the undercurrents must have certainly heard a time or three); and to jump online and see if camilla thompson has any other recorded output.

it was a night that seemed thrown together almost as an afterthought, as does so much of bpb’s music. but the reality was altogether different – it was a humbling experience, and we should thank mystery girl for bringing an artist of such caliber out, and pray to one of oldham’s old testament gods that we get more acts like this over the rest of the year. if you missed this then you really are a fool - christchurch has been long starved of quality acts and this was a veritable feast of sound!

timmy dodgers

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

You Love This ... Playlist 07/02/2006

So Tim couldn't come tonight, so it's just me. the ***LIVE SPECIAL*** will be happening next week instead - Ohhhh! so exciting

Here's how the playlist went this week,

1. dinosaur jr., start choppin (ear-bleeding country)
2. raconteurs, store bought bone (single release) stream here
3. wolf parade, lousy pictures (wolf parade ep, 2005)
4. deerhoof, twin killers (the runners four)
5. neko case, john saw that number (fox confessor brings the flood)
6. belle & sebastian, the blues are still blue ( the life pursuit)
7. bearsuit, cherryade (cat spectacular!)
8. animal collective, winter's love (sung tongs)
9. bonnie "prince" billy, blokbuster (summer in the southeast)
10. m. ward, big boat (transistor radio)
11. bright eyes, first day of my life (i'm wide awake, it's morning)
12. gorky's zygotic mynci, stood on gold (how i long to feel that summer in my heart)
13. destroyer, your blood (destroyer's rubies)
14. my latest novel, sister sneaker sister soul (wolves)
15. someone still loves you boris yeltsin, lower the gas prices howard johnson (broom)
16. the happy people, who'll ever know how (demo)
17. the spinto band, late (nice and nicely done)
18. dirty three, red (horse stories)
19. teenage fanclub, neil jung (grand prix)
20. yo la tengo, return to hot chicken (i can hear the heart beating as one)
21. beck, the golden age (sea change)
22. bob dylan, it takes a lot to laugh ... (no direction home)
23. the black keys, girl is on my mind (rubber factory)
24. test-icicles. what's your damage (for screening purposes only)

Friday, February 03, 2006

They Might Be Psycho Killers But Tonight, I Really Don't Care


(Once again) I have stumbled across some more cool empeethrees that will rock your face off.

First up, some very fine alt.country from Southeast Engine. Check out their recently-released album Coming To Terms With Gravity. There are many Wilcoisms to be heard in these two tracks:

Southeast Engine - Forced To Believe
Southeast Engine - Holy Ghost

Released late last year on the Tigers Against Crime record label was The Weather Machine's Sound of Pseudoscience. They've been compared to Spoon, among others, and yeah, they're pretty alright.

The Weather Machines - Modern Text On Love
The Weather Machines - Last Stop

Finally, I heard about these next guys from after reading a very glowing review. They're called Portugal. The Man, and they're very interesting, and of course, a little avant garde. Look out for their album Waiter: "You Vultures!" on Fearless Recordings.

Portugal. The Man - Stables and Chairs
Portugal. The Man - Marching With 6

Make sure you get your indie ass down to Capitol Bar tonight for the 6th Mixtape Connection. It's free you idiotz.

And don't forget the live special this coming Tuesday night! Any requests are welcome ...

And Bonnie Prince is coming in 8 days!

Ummmmmm ... yeah that's all