Friday, January 30, 2009

The Wire Playlist January 30

1. Cold Cave. The Trees Grew Emotions and Died [The Trees... 12"]
2. Ancient Crux. In Teen Dreams [Interracial Coupling EP]
3. Dum Dum Girls. Hey Sis [Dum Dum Girls]
4. Here We Go Magic. Fangela [Here We Go Magic]
5. Grizzly Bear. Deep Blue Sea [Dark Was The Night]
6. Real Estate. Black Lake [Black Lake 7"]
7. Wavves. Get in the Sun [Wavvves]
8. Wavves. Jetplane (Staying in a) [Wavvves]
9. El Guincho. Bombay [Live on ManiaTV]
10. Memory Cassette. Asleep at a Party [The Hiss We Missed]
11. Peter Bjorn & John. Lay it Down [Living Thing]
12. Spider. If I Were You [Spider]
13. Jeans Wilder. Tough Guys [Demo]
14. WEAVE!. Mouthpiece Hysteria [WEAVE! EP]

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

asleep at a party. playlist jan 27

1. dimmer. crystalator [crystalator 7"]

2. the hunches. from the window [exit dreams]
3. jacuzzi boys. i fought a crocodile [i fought a crocodile]
4. here we got magic. tunnelvision [here we go magic]

5. animal collective. comfy in nautica [live at bowery ballroom 01/09]
6. ducktails. gem part 1 & 2 [beach point pleasant 7"]
7. us girls. found on the ground [found on the ground c/s]

6. ancient crux. in teen dreams [interracial coupling]
7. john thill. broken freeways [broken freeways c/s]
8. twin lion. creeps in the sun [awesome power]

9. old blood. i win [old men]
10. nobunny. motorhead with me! [give it to me 7"]
11. spider. if i were you [spider]

12. florene. room 5 [rooms vol. 1]
13. fever ray. concrete walls [fever ray]
14. memory cassette. asleep at a party [the hiss we missed]

15. maxine funke. rolling boil [lace]
16. woods. rain on [some shame]
17. nicole kidman. life really sucks [demo]

18. air france. no excuses [no way down]
19. wavves. no hope kids [wavvves]
20. wavves. more fur [wavvves]

21. rosemary krust. summer [slow light]
22. xiu xiu. sad pony guerilla girl [life in live]
23. liars. let's not wrestle mt heart attack [drum's not dead]

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Wire Playlist January 23

1. Faux Pas. Chasing Waterfalls [Waterfalls EP]
2. Here We Go Magic. Tunnelvision [Here We Go Magic EP]
3. Jacuzzi Boys. I Fought a Crocodile [I Fought a Crocodile 7"]
4. Wavves. So Bored [So Bored 7"]
5. Handsome Furs. I'm Confused [Face Control]
6. Peter Bjorn & John. Lay it Down [Living Thing]
7. Telepathe. Devil's Trident (Oscillation Remix) [Devil's Trident 12"]
8. Salem. Skullcrush [Water EP]
9. Dan Deacon. Get Older [Bromst]
10. Mi Ami. Freed from Sin [Watersports]
11. Animal Collective. My Girls [Merriweather Post Pavilion]
12. Twin Lion. Safest in Bearhugs [Awesome Power]
13. Deastro. Parallelogram [Parallelogram]
14. Jeremy Jay. Love Everlasting [Love Everlasting 12"]

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

playlist jan 20

1. the hunches. not invented [exit dreams]

2. fungi girls. glare [psilo demo]
3. mount pleasant. yr head [demo]
4. his clancyness. next year is ours [demo]

5. eugene chadbourne. track six [dunno!]
6. bruce springsteen. atlantic city [nebraska]
7. pumice. heavy punter [live on vpro]

8. salem. skullcrush [water ep]
9. primitive calculators. do that dance [primitive calculators & friends]
10. mi ami. new guitar [watersports]

11. real estate. suburban beverage [demo]
12. us girls. o what a nite [kanakee memories]
13. the love is so fast. do you want [s/t ep]

14. rollercoaster project. what happened [revenge]
15. jandek. i passed by the building [blue corpse]
16. jeremy jay. love everlasting [love everlasting]

17. palace. you have cum in yr hair and yr dick is hanging out [arise therefore]
18. abe vigoda. wild heart [reviver ep]
19. grizzly bear. deep blue sea [dark was the night]

20. lotus plaza. these years [demo]
21. mountains. choral [choral]
22. rose for bohdam. before the bible [there it is the creeping moral decay of the past 1000 years]

23. dan deacon. get older [bromst]
24. animal collective. no more runnin [merriweather post pavilion]

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Long tails and and ears for hats. playlist jan 14 2009


The Fall - the classical [hex enduction hour]
Hum - stars [you'd prefer an astronaut]
Crystal Stilts - crystal stilts [alight of night]

The Breeders - safari [safari]
Cause Co-motion - which way is up? [it's time]
Bressa Creeting Cake - rocky mountain [s/t]
The Yolks - i do what i do [introducing the...]
White Denim - mess your hair up [mess your hair up]

88 Keys - ho is short for honey [the death of adam]
No Age - brain burner [nouns]
Nero's Day at Disneyland - death parade (feat. Kevin Shields) [nero's day at disneyland]
The Depreciation Guild - butterfly kisses [in her gentle jaws]
The War on Drugs - taking the farm [wagonwheel blues]
The 3Ds - sunken head [hellzapoppin']

The National - mansion on the hill [the virginia EP]
Dirty Three - sue's last ride [horse stories]
The Very Best - chikondi [the very best mixtape]
Yo La Tengo - we're an american band [i can hear the heart beating as one]
Prince and Pearl - not a gun []
Sonic Youth - kim gordon and the arthur doyle hand cream [sonic nurse]
Pere Ubu - 30 Seconds Over Tokyo [datapanik in year zero]

Wire - mannequin [pink flag]
Josie and the Pussycats - josie and the pussycats theme [tv]
M Ward - let's dance [eagle vs shark soundtrack]
McLusky - you should be ashamed. sheamus [the difference between me and you is that i'm not on fire]

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

keep it real keep it real shout out. playlist jan 6 2009

1. the dodos. walking [visiter]

2. hologram. goodnight pt 1 [tape]
3. fairport convention. who knows where times goes [unhalfbrickling]
4. the caretaker. persistent repetition of phrases [persistent repetition...]

5. animal collective. bluish [merriweather post pavilion]
6. misophone. grey clouds [be glad you are only human]
7. twi the humble feather. finale [music for spaceships and forests]

8. cold cave. our tears helped the flowers grow [the trees grew emotion and died]
9. ghoul. fuck math [a mouthful of gold]
10. abe vigoda. wild heart [reviver ep]

11. cheveu. lola langusta [my answer is yes 7"]
12. psychic ills. eyes closed [mirror eye]
13. blackout beach. biloxi, in a grove, cleans out his eyes [skin of evil]

14. animal collective. taste [merriweather post pavilion]
15. rosemary krust. fish gills [slow light]
16. wounded knee. canary [orpheus]

17. richard swift. lady luck [ground trouble jaw ep]
18. the barbaras. day at the shrine [summertime road 7"]
19. plastic crimewave sound. dead island boogie [plastic crimewave sound]

20. flight. over my head [dunnooooo]
21. psychic ills. fingernail tea [mirror eye]
22. lee baggett. clover hill [burn'r]

23. animal collective. my girls [merriweather post pavilion]
24. lineland. emerald board [logos for love]
25. campamento nec nec. pinata [dunno]

26. arthur russell. losing my taste for the nightlife [another thought]
27. the dodos. red and purple [visiter]