Tuesday, July 28, 2009

playlist july 28


1. blues control. tangier [local flavur]

2. ducktails. wishes [landscapes]
3. dirty beaches. lp3 [forthcoming]

4. norse horse. on rooftops [secret geographies]
5. sic alps. description of the harbor [description of the harbor]
6. fluffy lumbers. shore patrol [the police cruisers ep]

7. woven bones. your sorcery [your sorcery 7"]
8. bad hangin out. gran torino [s/t 7"]
9. flight. johnny's mixed up [flowers 7"]

10. tonstartssbandht. black country [an when]
11. deep sht. come mutilise my mind (feat. ivor cutler) [weird you]
12. lovvers. 100 flowers [ocd go go girls 7"]

13. silk flowers. nightshades [s/t]
14. geneva jacuzzi. group dynamic [big love]
15. russian tsarlag. diguise 103 [community deathtube]

16. bad rep. track 1 & 2, side b [chicago slime]
17. washed out. feel it all around [demo]
18. blondes. spanish fly [demo]

19. kurt vile. summer demons [fall demons 7"]
20. his clancyness. dover [hissometer]
21. the pastels & tenniscoats. about you [two sunsets]

22. ducktails. roses [landscapes]
23. new yoga. dogs only [demo]
24. breakfast mountain. j hollerday [hooooded]

25. andrew cedarmark. hard livin [the blue ridge tapes]
26. toro y moi. timed pleasure [body angles]
27. cough cool. rainbow glob [demo]
28. kitchen's floor. woollens [loneliness is a dirty mattress]

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

21st July 2009

1. galaxie 500. ceremony (jd/neworder cover) [on fire]
2. little claw. modern vampire [human taste]
3. nerve city. sungod [hell tape]

4. atlas sound (ft panda bear). walkabout [logos]
5. real estate. green river [7" masters]
6. best coast. boy [where the boys are]

7. vivian girls. when i'm gone [everything goes wrong]
8. kurt vile. overnite religion [childish prodigy]
9. high places. dudes incorporated [high places demo]

10. fluffy lumbers. mutant barrymore [the police cruisers ep]
11. nodzzz. goodtimes crowd [true to life 7"]
12. cough cool. roxette [demo]

13. mount eerie. my heart is not at peace [wind's poem]
14. cold cave. cebe and me [love comes close]
15. golden axe. wanna be startin' something [moonlight, good times and boogie]

16. james ferraro. memory theater [marble surf]
17. parasails. skylife 5 [skylife]

18. dolphins into the future. dag 8: om-pah koperen [voyage shopibo coast]
19. rosemary krust. white lips [s/t ep]
20. john thill. vacant lot blues [girls of meth cassette]

21. his clancyness. dover [hissometer cassette]
22. pikelet. music box could well be the answer [not so still]
23. best coast. gloomy [where the boys are]

24. gary war. no payoff [horribles parade]
25. tonstartssbandht. midnite cobras [an when]
26. t.i.t.s. math [throughout the ages]

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

playlist july 14

1. mount eerie. stone's ode [wind poem]

2. skygreen leopards. dixie cups in the red grass [gorgeous johnny]
3. terror bird. dream for yr bathwater [sociopaths are glam]
4. kurt vile. subliminal message [fall demon]

5. julian lynch. garden 2 [split 7" with ducktails]
6. the mayfair set. cease to be [young one]

7. gay against you. righteous signals [righteous signals, sour dudes]
8. talk normal. eureka [secret cog]
9. the urxed. gardening after dark [dunno]

10. forest swords. miarches [miarches cassette]
11. truman peyote. yes.wav [light-lightning]
12. ducktails. parasailing [split 7" with julian lynch]

13. pink priest. wolf cub or witch hunt [endless love]
14. gareth davis & steven r smith. source and thereof [westering]
15. tenniscoats. end of days/slight hunger [temporacha]

16. james ferraro. underwater muscle [edward flex presents: do you believe in hawaii]
17. vodka soap. untitled 8 [un chand pyramidalier]
18. new yoga. gold trip [unreleased]

19. mount eerie. between two mysteries [wind's poem]
20. shogun kunitoki. riddarholmen [vinonaamakasio]
21. death in june. little black angel [but what ends when the symbols shatter]

22. best coast. so gone [unreleased]
23. ty segall. can't talk [lemons]
24. the pizzas. hideous fashion [bad ass youth 7"]
25. kid romance. fuck punx [fuck punx 7"]

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Wire Playlist July 10

1. Truman Peyote. New Wife New Life [Light-Lightning]
2. Universal Studios Florida. Sun Glyphed Comanche Kissed [Ocean Sunbirds]
3. Toro Y Moi. Blessa [Blessa 7"]
4. Pikelet. Music Box Could Well be the Answer [Not So Still EP]
5. Ducktails. Parasailing [Split 7" with Julian Lynch]
6. New Yoga. Gold Trip [Unreleased]
7. Phaseone. Tower Grove Joint [Thanks But No Thanks]
8. Cold Cave. Love Comes Close [Love Comes Close]
9. Atlas Sound. Walkabout [Live, Logos Demo]
10. Surf City. Retro [Demo]
11. Deep Shit. Hector [Weird You]
12. Ty Segall. Can't Talk [Lemons]

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

playlist july 7

1. wand. eyes [hard knox]

2. amen dunes. by the bridal [dia]
3. hole class. true temper [unreleased]

4. surf city. retro [demo]
5. street beat. one by one (keeponwalkin) [S.I. tour cd-r]
6. moon palace. cessna [demo]

7. the fall. no christmas for john quays [live at the witchtrials]
8. finally punk. what the fuck missile? [casual goths]
9. onna. mune o tsutsunde [cortigiana dal velo 7"]

10. universal studios florida. startled by sparkling water (feat. alaskas) [ocean sunbirds]
11. truman peyote. beantown [light-lightning]
12. assassins 88. age of consent [go go second chance virgin]

13. pumice. pacific ocean [r.j. cardy cover]
14. wonder wheel. tv screen [idk]
15. sun araw. heavy deeds [heavy deeds]

16. terror bird. dumb sick [sociopaths are glam]
17. smith westerns. tonight [smith westerns]
18. fluffy lumbers. harry dolland's [unreleased]

19. tunnels. follow the red road [in between dreams]
20. atlas sound. recent bedroom [axis tour cd-r 2006]
21. pelican island. three part collage [dunno]
22. gold panda. triangle cloud [miyamae ep]

23. jonny telafone. don't despair all is lost [lysergic communion ep]
24. deep shit. hector [weird you]
25. total bros. distinctive hate couture [s/t 7"]

26. the pizzas. bad ass youth [bad ass youth 7"]
27. mayyors. ghost punch [deads]