Tuesday, March 03, 2009

the most professional radio show on the planet 03/03

1. akron/family. before and again [s/t]
2. some distorted fucked cable

3. fabulous diamonds. lp1 [s/t]
4. deerhunter. lake somerset [cryptograms]
5. smog. hangman blues [the doctor came at dawn]

6. black dice. lazy tv [repo]
7. please. sutton hoo hoo [?????????]
8. john maus. my whole worlds coming apart [love is real]

9. ctpfa. suitcase in hand [pocket symphonies for lonesome subway cars]
10. alps of nsw. l.g.o.m.w.o.c.t [s/t]
11. the alps. lunar mansions [a path thruogh the sun]

12. young marble giants. final day [final day]
13. dna. egomaniacs kiss [no new york comp]
14. internet forever. 3d [demo]

15. arthur russell. a see through thought [another thought]
16. real estate. black lake [7"]
17. bpb. you can't hurt me now [beware]

18. religious girls. esl [dddemo?]
19. the samps!. magnetic thy [dunno]
20. the love is so fast. beautiful stranger [s/t ep]

21. teengirl fantasy. gasmaskk [demo]
22. the velvet underground. sister ray [white light/white heat]

23. xy lover. d.h lawrence [demo]
24. xiu xiu. sad pony guerilla girl [life and live]

24. NMH. naomi [on avery island]


alcxxk said...

hey there!
is there anywhere to hear this online?
it's fun hearing people introduce us in exotic accents :)
(and also the rest of the tracklisting is brilliant, obviously)

christopher (internet forever)

shea said...

yeah our station has a live stream but we dont really know how to podcast our shows sorry :( we'll get onto it some day though!

yr band is really great!