Tuesday, May 12, 2009

playlist may 12


1. beach fossils. daydream [demo]
2. deerhunter. circulation [rainwater cassette exchange ep]
3. teen sheikhs. cracked [demo]

4. dirty beaches. michael i'll come see [fixture records comp.]
5. liam the younger. okay [clear skies over black river]
6. duck dive. white wind [perfumed salad]

7. real estate. snow [underwater peoples comp.]
8. cresting. reed letters [cresting]
9. liechtenstein. roses in the park [survival strategies for the modern world]

10. henry's dress. definitely maybe [henry's dress ep]
11. peepholes. my traps [demo]

12. allah las. los olivos [demo]
13. family portrait. mega secrets [mega secrets 7"]
14. rangers. woodland hills [yoga mat]

15. karl blau. bird song [nature's got away]
16. half japanese. daytona beach [greatest hits]
17. pens. high in the cinema [3 way split with male bonding/graffiti island]

18. baby sloth spirit. astrorhythmics [demo]
19. norse horse. on rooftops [demo]
20. vice city rockers. christmas calculator [demo]

21. benoit pioulard. ahn [temper]
22. coconot. verbena de los delfines [cosa astral]
23. gowns. white like heaven [red state]

24. home blitz. stupid street [live outside 7"]
25. cool world. cabana boys [demo]

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