Tuesday, April 07, 2009

playlist april 7

1. casiotone for the painfully alone. streets of philadelphia [advance base battery life]
2. bruce springsteen. the wrestler [the wrestler ost]

3. eat skull. heaven's stranger [wild and inside]
4. talbot tagora. internet fixture [abstract distractions]
5. ancient crux. strange situation [interacial coupling]

6. kurt vile. red apples [god is saying this to you]
7. arch m. cat grave [mountain tan commercials]
8. jeans wilder. pretty bird [nice trash]

9. magik markers. ohio r./live/hoosier [balf quarry]
10. ducktails. landrunner [landscapes]
11. twin lion. creeps in the sun [awesome power]

12. knit separates. the black west [swords then diamonds]
13. pink mountaintops. axis: thrones of love [outside love]
14. eat skull. heaven's stranger [wild and inside]

15. ouija. parasite in paradise [split 7" ancient crux]
16. atlas sound. dovers jam [12/31/08 drunken unicorn atlanta]
17. teepee. i told you so [demo]

18. cftpa. tom justice the choirboy... [vs. children]
19. mt pleasant. you look like something terrible [horseshoe lake]
20. high places. hello [unreleased]

21. sea lions. it's a beautiful day today [let's groove 7"]
22. the makeout party. 2 ez 2 luv u [2 ez 2 luv u 7"]
23. the motifs. old faces [edition 59]

24. the shivers. insane [in the morning]
25. maxine funke. crab song [lace]
26. palace bros. riding [there is no one what will take care of you]

27. peaking lights. all the good songs have been written [imaginary falcons]
28. trailer trash tracys. strangling good guys [no pain in pop comp.]
29. wet hair. cult electric annihilation [dream]

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