Tuesday, May 05, 2009

playlist may 5

1. casiotone for the painfully alone. man o'war [vs. children]

2. juliana barwick. youcatcher [raven sings the blues presents: vol 1]
3. a gal. the wishing song [demo]

4. beach fossils. vacation [demo]
5. grass widow. to where [demo]
6. sunshower orphans. loisaida [demo]

7. naked on the vague. goodbye dear cliche [chitty chat 7" bside]
8. pink reason. going home [the world's lousy with ideas vol. 8]
9. the intelligence. thank you god for fixing the tape machine [fake surfers]

10. alan & rocha. clandy [demo]
11. turtle ambulance. queen lil [demo]
12. new yoga. "wet smoke 1997" [demo]

13. trudgers. dream building [demo]
14. blank dogs. ages ago [the world's lousy with ideas vol. 8]
15. city center. young diamond [s/t]

16. pill wonder. what we know [unreleased]
17. peace in. everest [demo]
18. flux forces. over my dead dottie [reanimated]

19. fantastic magic. imminent grove [raven sings the blues comp]
20. twinsistermoon. bride of the spirits [7"]
21. headdress. seethrough [lunes]

22. golden axe. hot n cold [katy perry cover]
23. street beat. so tubby [unreleased]
24. forest swords. down steps [fjree feather ep]

25. kid romance. fuck punx [7"]
26. mika miko. keep on calling [we be xuxa]
27. pillow talk. or mummy be good [downtown unga wunga]
28. personal & the pizzas. brass knuckles [7"]

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