Tuesday, May 26, 2009

playlist may 26

1. crystal stilts. love is a wave [love is a wave 7"]

2. vivian girls. death [moped girls 7" bside]
3. mayfair set. already warm [7"]

4. girls. god damned [girls ep]
5. sunset rubdown. you go on ahead (trumpet trumpet II) [dragonslayer]
6. fluffy lumbers. harry dolland's [demo]

7. juliana barwick. bode [florine]
8. pajo. bullet [scream with me]
9. boduf songs. left behind like a piece of shit [there is something hanging above]

10. grass widow. lulu's lips [grass widow]
11. polyester raincoat. mind my room [demo]
12. the fresh & onlys. i saw you seeing me [i'll tell you everything 7"]

13. cold cave. chrissie sally [cremations]
14. wives. saving some for myself [s/t ep]
15. little girls. tambourine [tambourine]
16. animal collective. hey friend [animal crackbox]

17. ducktails. dancing with the one you love [ducktails]
18. beach fossils. lazy day [demo]
19. dirty beaches. low rider [forthcoming]

20. gowns. johnny [s/t cd-r ultra rare bro]
21. pajo. teenagers from mars [scream with me]
22. arthur russell. answers me [world of echo]

23. best hits. angle of mine [family days]
24. new yoga. born 2 chill [demo]
25. thrust lab. durkey [wind breaker]

26. the sun downers. the summer song [the girl with the thing in her hair]
27. woods. military madness [songs of shame]
28. vivian girls. moped grillz [moped grillz 7"]

29. many manions. big white house [return to source]
30. norse horse. on rooftops [demo]
31. smarts. general ideas [smarts]
32. teen sheikhs. sacked [demo]