Tuesday, December 01, 2009

guitar media playlist december 1st

1. topaz rags. sightings [capricorn born again]
2. ela orleans. something higher [lost]
3. deep sht. sidetripping [weird you 7"]
4. fluker love. in love [fluker love]

5. friendo. callers [demo]
6. henry's dress. sally wants [henry's dress]
7. wetdog. trehorne beach song [frauhaus!]
8. philip seymour hoffman. firing missiles at christmas and easter isl [fire island]

9. pygmy shrews. shame canal [the egyptian]
10. pumice. sunday doom [punches]
11. hole class. true temper [s/t]
12. procedure club. yr fat body [beko 09]

13. aldous birdlife. agea city [demo]
14. twins. left-centrefield [new]
15. speculator. stay cool [luke perry split]
16. ming ming dance company. crookline [single]

17. sex worker. ptsd [the labor or love]
18. excepter. stars in a jar [la sala rossa steps]
19. topaz rags. hardened ribs [capricorn born again]
20. expensive shit. dreamcatcher (excerpt) [pow wow with chopper]

21. tonstartssbandht. it's only love / sov gott rose marie [parson sounds]
22. taterbug. if he was a river and i was a duck, i'd swim to the bottom and never come up [savage young taterbug]
23. parasails. #6 [skylife]


Jonathan Phillips said...

as in the actual philip seymour hoffman?

shea said...

thee philip seymour hoffman

Benjamin Greenberg said...

as if the real pygmy shrews?