Tuesday, June 09, 2009

june 09 09 playlist ! !

1. the clean. in the dream life you need a rubber soul [mister pop]

3. rollin hunt. pamphlet [criminal c/s]
4. circulatory system. overjoyed [signal morning]

5. flight. feels so good [feels so good 7"]
6. jeans wilder. cool breeze [split c20 with a gal]
7. family portrait. please be my baby [demo]

8. nobunny. i am a girlfriend [raw romance]
9. ganglians. cryin smoke [monster head room]
10. tiny vipers. dreamer [life on earth]

11. meth teeth. never been to church [forthcoming]
12. trudgers. catholic candles [silent western]
13. haunted fucking. wooden sword [sexbeat comp. 002]

14. the pink noise. buzzsaw [alpha]
15. natural numbers. sunrising [demo]
16. black pus. river that ran too far [black pus 0 - ultimate beat off]

17. norse horse. needle beach [demo]
18. memory cassette. last one awake (friend version) [call & response ep]
19. cold cave. love comes close [etsel and ruby 12"]

20. best coast. sun was high (so was i) [demo]
21. spirit spine. orange glow [surf hunter ep]
22. dirty beaches. o'farrell [bird ep]

23. burger kingdom. ivory pillows [demo]
24. pearl harbor. vapour girls [demo]
25. best coast. up all night [demo]

26. gross ghost. the architect [dunno]
27. nobunny. oh cody [raw romance]
28. michael jordan. eyes [demo]

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