Friday, February 13, 2009

The Wire Playlist February 13

1. Lotus Plaza. Sunday Night [Floodlight Collective]
2. Lotus Plaza. What Grows? [Floodlight Collective]
3. Jeans Wilder. International Waters [Antiques]
4. El Guincho. Palmitos Park [Alegranza]
5. Black Dice. Glazin [Repo]
6. Food of the Gods. Boy From Brazil [S/T 12"]
7. The Show is the Rainbow. Gothic Cajun [Dunno!]
8. Jeremy Jay. We Were There [Slow Dance]
9. Natural Numbers. Sunrising [Comma]
10. Silent Talk. Love's Go [Forthcoming]
11. DOOM. Ballskin [Born Like This]
12. Boredoms. Ant 10 [Super Roots 10]
13. Dan Deacon. Get Older [Bromst]
14. Blank Its. Windows are Dirty [Windows are Dirty 7"]

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