Tuesday, September 01, 2009

playlist sept 1


1. honey. waves [will ivy]

2. dunebuggy. money honey [dunebuggy]
3. neverever. the young runaways [blue genes 7"]

4. no age. yr a target [losing feeling ep]
5. lightning bolt. colossus [earthly delights]
6. chll pll. dick moves [aggressively humble]

7. weed diamond. let's burn one down [demo]
8. paint yr golden face. torrents of water subsumed their villages [single]
9. the craters. cool enough for school [forthcoming ep]

10. pure ecstasy. you're in it now [bangin on wine 7"]
11. liam the younger. clear skies [clear skies over black river]
12. the shitty listener. i call you up [constant stranges]

13. girls. headache [girl]
14. oneohtrix point never. format & journey north [zones without people]
15. soft circle. light bright [split 12" with high places]

16. basketball nightmare. come down [nervous energy]
17. julian lynch. mercury [orange you glad]
18. nudge. two hands [as good as gone]

19. deerhunter. vox celeste 5 [vox celeste 5 single]
20. paradise sisters. jeff atkins apology [
21. horse head. free as a bird [demo]

22. sic alps. l mansion. [l mansion 7"]
23. memes. small [dis-adelphia]
24. drunkdriver. firesale [7"]
25. times new viking. these days [born again revisited]

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