Tuesday, December 08, 2009

playlist 8th december 2009

richard rocks the decks solo in isolation

1. sic alps. clarence [skulls without borders 10"]
2. campfires. rustic arcadia [burning rivers, tv flickers, drifting off to bed]
3. ty segall. my sunshine [single]
4. liars. scissor [sisterworld]

5. dirty beaches. like dreamers do [s/t cassette]
6. shahs. pablo picasso [guts ep]
7. oneohtrix point never. terminator lake [rifts]
8. lucky dragons. honeycomb house pt 1. [vrais nomes 7"]

9. silk flowers. in yr memory [as above so below]
10. pink priest. vanishers [unreleased]
11. joy division. atmosphere [les bains douches]
12. blessure grave. stranger in the house [7"]
13. lashes. here comes the rain [split with bad life]

14. golden cup. madrigale masico [kaleidopea]
15. tyondai braxton. opening bell [central market]

16. tonstartsbandht. tio minuter/beautiful crystal [parson sounds]
17. yoga. seventh mind [megafauna]
18. lee noble. august [downtown hot-blood story]

19. wet hair. ordinary lives/mesmerized/hey chrome [the beach]
21. super minerals. graves [multitudes]
22. roy montgomery. just melancholy [324 e. 13th street #7]
23. alec bathgate. pet hates [gold lame]

24. former ghosts. hold on [fleurs]