Tuesday, June 30, 2009

playlist june 30 yo

shea solo; richard holidaying on the beautiful west coast. drjinkin some lemon lime & orange soda

1. jackson 5. i want you back [z trip remixx]

2. smith westerns. dreams [smith westerns]
3. blank doggs. anywhere [bside slow room 7"]
4. teepee. s.s. france [s.s. france ep]

5. the beets. for you [spit in the face of people who don't want to be cool]
6. real estate. green river [bside fake blues 7"]
7. toro y moi. blessa [unreleased]

8. shahs. handreader [divine interest cd-r]
9. jonny telafone. when 2 became 1 [lysergic communion ep]
10. canterbury rams. laika [demo]

11. julianna barwick. you were waiting [daytrotter session may 22 09]
12. sky limousine. side b [wonder]
13. street beat. sooli [forthcoming tour cd-r]

14. high wolf. the boto [animal totem]
15. universal studios florida. sun glyphed comanche kissed [ocean birds]
16. lamborghini crystal. lightning strikes twice [alien microwave]

17. sun araw. hustle and bustle [heavy deeds]
18. matrix metals. ray ban meltdown [flamingo breeze]

20. hype williams x hounds of hate. untitled (excerpt) [dueces cassette]
21. mazes. a metric tower [mazes ep]

22. pearl harbour. lost at sea [calistonia demos]
23. ducktails. daily vacation [ducktails]
24. cold cave. life magazine [love comes close]

25. eat skull. double wasted [split 7" with ganglians]
26. lovvers. AXTXTXIXTXUXDXE [ocd go go go girls]
27. mayyors. deads [deads]
28. wilberforces. my mind is in my paws [ep]

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Jonathan Phillips said...

sun araw live, pretty dreamy.