Tuesday, July 07, 2009

playlist july 7

1. wand. eyes [hard knox]

2. amen dunes. by the bridal [dia]
3. hole class. true temper [unreleased]

4. surf city. retro [demo]
5. street beat. one by one (keeponwalkin) [S.I. tour cd-r]
6. moon palace. cessna [demo]

7. the fall. no christmas for john quays [live at the witchtrials]
8. finally punk. what the fuck missile? [casual goths]
9. onna. mune o tsutsunde [cortigiana dal velo 7"]

10. universal studios florida. startled by sparkling water (feat. alaskas) [ocean sunbirds]
11. truman peyote. beantown [light-lightning]
12. assassins 88. age of consent [go go second chance virgin]

13. pumice. pacific ocean [r.j. cardy cover]
14. wonder wheel. tv screen [idk]
15. sun araw. heavy deeds [heavy deeds]

16. terror bird. dumb sick [sociopaths are glam]
17. smith westerns. tonight [smith westerns]
18. fluffy lumbers. harry dolland's [unreleased]

19. tunnels. follow the red road [in between dreams]
20. atlas sound. recent bedroom [axis tour cd-r 2006]
21. pelican island. three part collage [dunno]
22. gold panda. triangle cloud [miyamae ep]

23. jonny telafone. don't despair all is lost [lysergic communion ep]
24. deep shit. hector [weird you]
25. total bros. distinctive hate couture [s/t 7"]

26. the pizzas. bad ass youth [bad ass youth 7"]
27. mayyors. ghost punch [deads]

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