Tuesday, October 20, 2009


1. CANT. ghosts [7" split w/ arthur russell]
2. pink reason. livin in the city [bloodstains 7"]
3. the shitty listener. we don't have to be in love [crying sweater]
4. emeralds. diotima [emeralds]

5. spectrals. rot with me [forthcoming]
6. best coast. make you mine [7" bsideee]
7. cat killer. my magazine heart [demo]
8. rangers. these things [friendship bracelet comp]

9. grouper. vessel [roy montgomery split]
10. inca ore. always happy [silver sea surfer school]
11. james ferraro. untitled [heaven's gate]

12. speculator. we don't give a shit [demo]
13. luke perry. luke perry's big gym [demo]
14. more bikini babes. fishing with my dad [friendship bracelet comp]
15. rotten tropics. bukowski [demo]

16. christmas island. 29 [19 7" bside]
17. fabulous diamonds. cemetary dub [albert's basement comp]
18. eternal summers. able to [s/t]
19. froe char. resume [demo]

20. sloppy tender. roof buddy [big dream time]
21. taped hiss. sky monoliths [dunno]
22. speculator. fuck this world [demo]
23. lucky dragons. power melody [open power]

24. la lakers. cough genesis ramparts for gulf eurhythmics]
25. russian tsarlag. let ponvinom care [dunno]