Tuesday, November 17, 2009

guitar media playlist nov 17

1. andrew cedarmark. hard livin [the blue ridge tapes]
2. mount pleasant. street heat (definite forever jam) [singles club #3]
3. geotic. people watching (halloween parade) [eyes]
4. atlas sound. the screens [virtual 7 #8]

5. spectrals. leave me be [insound digital mixtape]
6. nicole kidman. woman overload [20 yrs old and no girlfriend]
7. boneless. treetops [demo]
8. jen paul/no lakes. late film [demo]

9. my dad is dead. whirlpool [the taller you are the shorter you get]
10. cool world. ice cream [gaydream nation]
11. the fall. industrial estate [live at the witch trials]
12. blessure grave. learn to love the rope [learn to love the rope]

13. speculator. driving in my car [speculator/luke perry split]
14. speculator. easy [forthcoming LP]
15. zeal. wasps [new weird australia vol. 3]
16. obsidian pond. freedom falling [right now]

17. pumice. open up [persevere]
18. roy montgomery. intertidal [324 e. 13th street #7]
19. hole class. seldom seen road [s/t]
20. crystal antlers. it's all over now baby blue [bd cover]

21. james ferraro. untitled (excerpt) [clear]
22. explorers. that beneath of realms fermenting [bermuda telepaths]
23. run dmt. money/new port richey [bong voyage]

24. big troubles. freudian slips [dem,o]
25. small black. descpicable dogs [fuckt if i know1!!!]

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