Wednesday, February 11, 2009

urban super mist. playlist feb 10

1. weave. weave say leave [weave ep]
2. jeans wilder. tough guys [demo]

3. real estate. old folks [suburban beverage 7"]
4. nite jewel. what did he say [my cd-r]
5. boredoms. ant 10 [super roots 10]

6. hanglops. start a band [ronk ng rool]
7. smith westerns. spiritus sanctus [irukandji 7"]
8. the hunches. ate my teeth [exit dreams]
9. blank-its. divorce [windows are dirty 7"]

10. wounded knee. a hibee's lament [s/t]
11. topaz rags. tarot hareem [tarot hareem 7"]
12. city center. this is how we see in the dark [split 7" with grouper]

13. lotus plaza. sunday night [floodlight collective]
14. sleep school. the void surrounding you [blue attack ep]
15. my bloody valentine. sometimes [loveless]

16. be-gulls. come to pass [by the beach]
17. vibes. honeycomb [you god it]
18. CFTPA. it's a crime [advance base battery life]

19. el guincho. bombay [live on mania tv]
20. nobunny. nobunny loves you [love visions]
21. boat club. all the time [caught the breeze]
22. blank dogs. leaving the light on [diana (the herald)]
23. bubonic plague. debbie [instant coma]

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