Tuesday, June 23, 2009


1. richard youngs. collapsing stars [beyond the valley of ultrahits]
2. animal collective. daily routine (phaseone remix) [phaseone remix]
3. green widow. to where [green widow]

~*** THE TOP SONGS OF 2009 SO FAR ! ! ! ***~

4. night control. good looks [death control]
5. ariel pink's haunted graffiti. can't hear my eyes [7"]
6. ducktails. friends [ducktails]
7. blank dogs. tin birds [under and under]

8. best coast. sun was high (so was i) [demo]
9. a gal. diver [split with jeans wilder]
10. lotus plaza. sunday night [the floodlight collective]

11. animal collective. brothersport [merriweather post pavilion]
12. dirty projectors. stillness is the move [bitte orca]
13. cold cave. love comes close [etsel & ruby]

14. jeans wilder. tough guys [unreleased]
15. ilyas ahmed. exit twilight [goner]
16. kurt vile. beach on the moon [god is saying this to you]

17. twinsistermoon. bride of the spirits [7"]
18. julianna barwick. bode [florine]
19. grouper. rising height [7" split with pumice]

20. teengirl fantasy. floor to floor [TGIF EP]
21. city center. unfinished hex [s/t]

22. animal collective. my girls [merriweather post pavilion]
23. jeans wilder. mosquito [split with a gal]


Anonymous said...

hey guys,

any chance to podcast your show?
love the playlists.

y'know sore eros and peaking lights?


Michaella said...


shea said...

unfort we don't podcast but i think the appropriate technology is now available at the station so we will try our best to get some up! watch this space...
also yes, sore eros, peaking lights real excellent; 'imaginary falcons' one of my fave releases this year.
thanks for getting in touch!

No Pain In Pop said...

all classics

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