Tuesday, November 10, 2009

playlist nov 10

1. hanging coffins. traces to nowhere [s/t]
2. former ghost. hold on [fleurs]
3. atlas sound. kid klimax [rough trade ep]
4. elm. sacrement at dusk [nencatacoa]

5. tonstartssbandht. seriously [dick nights]
6. gape attack! be with me [demo]
7. magic kids. superball [new new]
8. cat killer. and yr heart beats [it's saying yr name]

9. sun araw. luther [in orbit]
10. wonder wheel. rascal [goldfish]
11. vodka soap. track 4 [un chand pyramidlier]

12. the twerps. dance alone [the twerps]
13. best coast. when i'm with you [new new]
14. kitchen's floor. deadshits [loneliness is a dirty mattress]
15. total slacker. psychic mesa [s/t]

16. atlas sound. i know i will escape [rough trade ep]
17. boneless. better [s/t]
18. leonard cohen. queen victoria [live songs]
19. pumice. pacific ocean [persevere]

20. lamborghini crystal. brain freeze [dial 747: creepozoid]
21. wingdings. side b excerpt [wingdings iii: symbol of infinity]
22. shits and giggles. junkanooga booga [trick or treat]

23. golden axe. wanna be startin something [new new]

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