Tuesday, April 14, 2009

playlist ! ! ! ! !

1. the dirty projectors. stillness is the move [bitte orca]
2. karl blau. arco iris... [anonymous monk calendar comp]
3. valet. rainbow [false face society]

4. crocodiles. i wanna kill [summer of hate]
5. suicide. keep your dreams [s/t]
6. cold cave. an understanding of nothing [crocodiles/cold cave/blessure grave split 7"]

7. ilyas ahmed. exit twilight [goner]
8. twinsistermoon. bride of the spirits [bride of the spirits 7"]
9. banjo or freakout. upside down [upside down 12" ep]

10. rapid youth. in the trench drenched [demo??]
11. blessure grave. reduce you to black smoke [crocodiles/cold cave/blessure grave split 7"]
12. u.s girls. rise and go [me + yoko]

13. silk flowers. frost [frost 7"]
14. black dice. glazin' [repo]
15. pillow talk. teenage shut-in [downtown unga wunga 7"]

16. ducktails. friends [demo]
17. night control. good looks [death control]
18. peaking lights. boy and the rabbit band [imaginary falcon]

19. the pink mountaintops. vampire [outside love]
20. wand. resuscitation distillery blues [born bad]
21. crocodiles. refuse angels [crocodiles/cold cave/blessure grave split 7"]

22. total bros. joshua fit for basketball [mysapz]
23. fuck you safari. cherries [blanket party ep]
24. mount pleasant. song for sheamus bermingham [for you, and you ep]

25. eddy current supression ring. noise in my head [that time of day 7"]
26. graffiti island. bad potion [some shit - that cassette?? a 7"???]
27. jana hunter. blue and silver bonded [sxsw 2009 showcasing artists comp]

28. josef k. revelation [the only fun in town]
29. vetiver. everyday [tight knit]

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