Tuesday, January 06, 2009

keep it real keep it real shout out. playlist jan 6 2009

1. the dodos. walking [visiter]

2. hologram. goodnight pt 1 [tape]
3. fairport convention. who knows where times goes [unhalfbrickling]
4. the caretaker. persistent repetition of phrases [persistent repetition...]

5. animal collective. bluish [merriweather post pavilion]
6. misophone. grey clouds [be glad you are only human]
7. twi the humble feather. finale [music for spaceships and forests]

8. cold cave. our tears helped the flowers grow [the trees grew emotion and died]
9. ghoul. fuck math [a mouthful of gold]
10. abe vigoda. wild heart [reviver ep]

11. cheveu. lola langusta [my answer is yes 7"]
12. psychic ills. eyes closed [mirror eye]
13. blackout beach. biloxi, in a grove, cleans out his eyes [skin of evil]

14. animal collective. taste [merriweather post pavilion]
15. rosemary krust. fish gills [slow light]
16. wounded knee. canary [orpheus]

17. richard swift. lady luck [ground trouble jaw ep]
18. the barbaras. day at the shrine [summertime road 7"]
19. plastic crimewave sound. dead island boogie [plastic crimewave sound]

20. flight. over my head [dunnooooo]
21. psychic ills. fingernail tea [mirror eye]
22. lee baggett. clover hill [burn'r]

23. animal collective. my girls [merriweather post pavilion]
24. lineland. emerald board [logos for love]
25. campamento nec nec. pinata [dunno]

26. arthur russell. losing my taste for the nightlife [another thought]
27. the dodos. red and purple [visiter]

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Vicent said...

love this playlist!