Tuesday, September 22, 2009

playlist sept 22

1. banjo or freakout.

2. atlas sound. attic lights [logos]
3. a grave with no name. open water [s/t ep]
4. bigger insides. big glasses [hunters gathering]

5. kurt vile. freak train [childish prodigy]
6. wild nothing. cloudbusting [demo]
7. teenage lovers. i wanna be yr boy [teenage lovers]

8. panda bear. untitled [live at atp]
9. the beach boys. god only knows [live rehearsal sesh]
10. wet hair. stepping razor (to heaven's door) [glass fountain]
11. oneohtrix point never. hyperdawn [zones without people]

12. sparkling wide pressure. warm mouth trance [impose comp.]
13. the dawns. mirage [the dawns/pink priest split]
14. tonstartssbandht. datop feb [maihama b-side]

15. hanging coffins. compacts and atomizers [s/t]
16. the beaters. fishage [dunno]
17. eternal tapestry. cosmic dream [the invisible landscape]

18. girls. big bad mean motherfucker [album]
19. hanoi janes. skeleton girl [forthcoming]
20. the mantles. don't lie [don't lie 7"]
21. nude beach. nude beach [impose comp.]

22. rangers. side a track 1, 2 [low cut fades]
23. beach boys. california girls [live in 67]

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Craig said...

Hi there, nice blog! The Beaters 7" is availabe via Volar Records & Single Screen Records, both based here in San Diego, CA. Keep up the great work!

Craig Oliver/Volar Records