Tuesday, July 14, 2009

playlist july 14

1. mount eerie. stone's ode [wind poem]

2. skygreen leopards. dixie cups in the red grass [gorgeous johnny]
3. terror bird. dream for yr bathwater [sociopaths are glam]
4. kurt vile. subliminal message [fall demon]

5. julian lynch. garden 2 [split 7" with ducktails]
6. the mayfair set. cease to be [young one]

7. gay against you. righteous signals [righteous signals, sour dudes]
8. talk normal. eureka [secret cog]
9. the urxed. gardening after dark [dunno]

10. forest swords. miarches [miarches cassette]
11. truman peyote. yes.wav [light-lightning]
12. ducktails. parasailing [split 7" with julian lynch]

13. pink priest. wolf cub or witch hunt [endless love]
14. gareth davis & steven r smith. source and thereof [westering]
15. tenniscoats. end of days/slight hunger [temporacha]

16. james ferraro. underwater muscle [edward flex presents: do you believe in hawaii]
17. vodka soap. untitled 8 [un chand pyramidalier]
18. new yoga. gold trip [unreleased]

19. mount eerie. between two mysteries [wind's poem]
20. shogun kunitoki. riddarholmen [vinonaamakasio]
21. death in june. little black angel [but what ends when the symbols shatter]

22. best coast. so gone [unreleased]
23. ty segall. can't talk [lemons]
24. the pizzas. hideous fashion [bad ass youth 7"]
25. kid romance. fuck punx [fuck punx 7"]


Sérgio Hydalgo said...

Hi guys

How can i download the podcast?


richard marks said...

Hey Sergio,

Long story but basically the recording we did during this show got lost forever as we didn't have a usb drive at the time.

Hopefully we'll get this shit sorted for the forthcoming shows and we'll probably just post mediafire links to them or something.


Sérgio Hydalgo said...

Thank you for your enlightenment Richard,