Tuesday, November 03, 2009

playlist nov 3

1. flight. johnny's mixed up [7"]
2. woodsman. dikembe mutonbo [collages]
3. teepee. i told you so [morals]
4. knit separates. wolf star [swords then diamonds]

5. small black. despicable dogs [7"]
6. a grave with no name. you're gone again [mountain debris]
7. best coast. sun was high (so was i) [live hotbox: thetripwire.com]
8. tan dollar. tan dollar [demo]

9. o ye denver birds. douglas firs [sun chant]
10. prince rama of ayodhya. golden glow [zetland]
11. oneohtrix point never.

12. nude beach. gimmie die [forthcoming]
13. chicago police dept. butterfly on a wheel [demo]
14. dunebuggy. need somebody [s/t]
15. ducktails. house of mirrors [live hotbox: the tripwire.com]

16. dirty beaches. true blue [forthcomign amazingggg]
17. warm hands. last nite lights [clan destine comp.]
18. teepee. philippines [morals]
19. will oldham. the seedling [strange form of life single]

20. luke perry. avon lust [demo]
21. wingdings. zarathusra's puzzle pt. 2 [wingdings ii: zarathusra's puzzle]
22. melted sunglasses. sparks [sparks 7"]

23. basketball nightmare. something [something]