Tuesday, April 21, 2009

playlist april 21

1. bob dylan. i pity the poor immigrant [john wesley harding]
2. woods. sunlit [sunlit 7"]
3. trailer trash tracys. strangling good guys [NPIP comp]

4. kurt vile. beach on the moon [god is saying this to you]
5. deerhunter. rainwater cassette exchange [rainwater cassette exchange ep]
6. friendship. the graveyard shift [4 songs demo]

7. basketball nightmare. hug yr spirit [myspace traxx]
8. cold cave. love comes close [love come close 7"]
9. heavy times. dead dreams [ypsi vacation]

10. total bros. epic fail [demo]
11. blank dogs. tin birds [under and under]
12. kickball. underground husbands [everything is a miracle...]

13. will oldham. forest time [happy child/forest time]
14. cougar flashy. snow grave [singular sword]
15. caethua. to be a man [the pleasures of manhood]

16. atlas sound. unchained melody [unreleased]
17. ariel pink's haunted graffiti. phantasthma [flashback 7"]
18. real estate. atlantic city [atlantic city expressway cd-r]

19. atlas sound. blue moon [unreleased]
20. lotus plaza. these years [the floodlight collective]
21. i heart hiroshima. pink frost [chills cover]

22. the dreams. milk by myself [split 10" with death sentence: panda]
23. creepy crawlers. dang dawg [night prowlers]
24. funk police. horse fag [demo]

25. mount eerie. track ten [the singing from mt eerie]
26. the shadow ring. hold on to i.d. [life review]

27. grass widow. celebrate the mundane [demo]
28. yes please. crucial things [demo]
29. ariel pink's haunted graffiti. flashback [flashback 7"]

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