Tuesday, March 31, 2009

PLAYLIST 31/3/09

chillips in for shea...................

1. the meanest boys. i'll take whatever it takes [???]
2. the child readers. fortune [music heard far off]
3. christina carter. capable of murder [original darkness]

4. xiu xiu. suha [knife play]
5. atlas sound. dovers jam [12/31/08 at the drunken unicorn]
6. smog. prince alone in the studio [wild love]

7. lamborghini crystal 1992. first two tracks from side b of [cool runnings holiday]
8. the fall. deer park [peel sessions]
9. maher shalal hash baz. king of the north [blues de jour]

10. woven bones. with you alone [hozac hookup klub 001]
11. whatever brains. mt whatever [mt whatever 7"]
12. idle times. million miles away [hozac hookup klub 002]

13. gore. after [hart gore]
14. alps of nsw. t.c.h.u [s/t]
15. teeth mountain. keinsein [wfmu live radio shitttt]

16. ducktails. excerpt from surfs up [acres of shade]
17. ***SOME OF*** crazy dreams band. four winds of the owl [crazy dreams band]
18. thee oh sees. ruby go home [help]

19. thanksgiving. the lake at night [the lake at night 7"]
20. alastair galbraith. more than magnetic [hurry on down]
21. blithe suns. trying to find memory in a dark room [

22. fruit sand. oakland [we came from our parents]
23. chrome. chromosome damage [alien soundtracks]
24. the hunches. fall drive [exit dreams]

25. scott. the seventh seal [scott 4]
26. diane cluck. untitled [mon arcana]
27. cat power. bathysphere [september 18th 1996]

28. the ribbon. field [???]